Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Senior Week..The Beginning

I came back to Atlanta yesterday just so that I could partake in the senior festivities. (As you can see I'm putting my frequent flyer miles to use lol)

Last night we went to this club called Tongue & Lounge. Can you say POPPIN!!!!!!! We had a blast and I had about 4 drinks. Now let me back track here. This event was suppose to be open bar all night for ladies and we arrive around 12 or 1 in the morning. We go to the bar now to start the night right and there's no open bar. ERRHHH So we find the one of the people throwing the parties and ask wassup with this and they said open bar all night ended at 12. UMMM Sweetie if it was open bar all night, it shouldn't end til the club closes. But of course I didn't let that stop me. Just paid my money and got my drinks lol

Now I have this friend and me and him are always together. Everyone thinks we go out because of this but of course we just tell them its only friendship. So at the party my homeboy grabs me and pushes me onto my friend and says dance with him and stands in front of me so I couldn't move lol. People are too funny. Then at the end of the night he kept pushing me onto my friend so I could stay on his lap.

I should tell you guys that I do have a thing for my friend and after that I kept texting him so that we could stay the night together. Of course we didn't but I wanted to. I mean is it bad that I want this out of my system since we are graduating and we might not see eachother ever again???

Well tonight is the black and white affair at the Velvet Room and I got my dress and shoes ready. I'll let yall know how this evening turns out.

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  1. HELL NO there is NOTHING wrong with that LMAO