Thursday, May 21, 2009


I haven't really had the chance to blog lately because it's been such a crazy week, partying and what not lol. Read previous blogs about senior week.

Well this past monday, May 18, 2009 I graduated from Clark Atlanta University with a BA in Finance!!!!!!!!! I was hype as hell because I worked so hard for it and made it my duty to be able to achieve this accomplishment in 4yrs. This day was suppose to be the happiest day of my life, but it wasn't. My brother got me soooooooo mad.

So after graduation, of course there was traffic (on foot) because everyone was talking to friends and family and snapping pictures everywhere, me included. So then my brother calls me and tells me to meet them by the car and I say ok. Then my lil sis called and said to meet them in front of my apartment so I said ok and went in front of my apartment. So we was taking pics and my mom came with some balloons and it was all good. Then we went inside because I had to use the bathroom and we had to call the restaurant to make sure we didn't need to make reservations. Then my brother calls all mad asking where we are at so we say in the house. He's all mad because he's hungry and I'm like well I'm hungry too, I been up since 530am and haven't eaten anything yet. My man goes into complete b*tch mode and stopped picking up the phone. We kept calling and calling and he was just sending us to voicemail, so we decided to just call a cab. When the cab says he'll be here soon, my brother decides to call and say come to the car. So now we are walking and looking for the car but we can't find it. Now do remember I have on heels and so does my mother and this dumb motherf**ker has us walking all over campus looking for him.

We keep calling him and at first he was just ignoring the call, but then he turns off his phone completely. So we call the cab again (since I was ignoring the 1st one we called and he left). As soon as the cab pulls up and we start getting into it, my brother pulls up right behind. Then this n**ga comes to the cab door like if yall wana take a cab then go ahead, give me my son's bag and snatches the bag and storms over to his car and drives off.

Usually this wouldn't have gotten to me but I was mad. It was bad enough that a lot of the important people in my life couldn't make it (dad, ash, steph, rach. jess, laurie, etc), but then he was making the day about him. Now I am not a selfish person, but May 18 was MY DAY!!!!!! It was suppose to be about me and only me. I don't care if my brother was starving, he was suppose to take my feelings into consideration before throwing a b**ch fit.

While we were in the cab to the restaurant, I started crying. I can't say it was only because of my brother tho. I think my bro had a big part but I was also so very sad that people couldn't be there to share this day with me. To add insult to injury, he didn't show up to the restaurant. He went back to where he was staying and packed his bag and went to the airport. So you know what I say..."F**K HIM!!!!"

Then last night he had the nerve to text me asking for the $60 I owe him. Well guess what, he aint getting it because he still owess me $100. UGHH FAMILY!!!!!


  1. HOW DARE HE ASK YOU FOR $60 when he OWES you 100!!

    My brother is older than me and would have gotten embarassed and had he not showed up to my graduation dinner.....

    It would have been a family feud that would have went on for years ...



    I cant wait to get out of college 1 more year and im GONE

  2. Happy Graduation! Your assignment should you choose to accept it is to represent us well.
    As for your Brother. Did he graduate? How was his Grad day spent? If the answer is no, he didn't graduate, Eff him! If the answer is he was pampered, then double Eff him, and if he doesn't get that he is your FAMILY and what that means Cry for him and then Pray for him. Just because we say EFF HIM don't mean we don't LOVE him.

  3. Thanks guys. Yea I'm still not speaking to him about the whole ordeal, especially because he didn't even attempt to apologize to me. So damn stubborn