Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I Hate That Line

So last week I went shopping with some of the gurls and we was having a good time getting ready for the weekend festivities (I'll post about that soon). While shopping Harlem hits me up letting me know he was on vacation from work for the next 2wks which means he has nothing but free time to see me. Now you know I'm hype!!! lol

So I end the shopping a lil early and head out to the crib to chill with him. I had a pretty good time just chilling with him and talking and watching the game and such. The only downfall of the night was when it was time to go home that night and I had to take the train because he was too tired to drive me home (I don't know why I put up with this..the things I do when I like someone smh). Then we were suppose to chill the next day but he ended up cancelling ughh.

Well I started working this week and I found out that I would be off today and tomorrow so I made plans with Harlem. We were gonna do dinner and a movie and then I would stay by his place for the night. I was excited (I even went to the spa today). Well he hits me up this morning (and that was a sign for me that he was gonna cancel or something was going to happen that I wouldn't be too happy about). So of course he asks if we can reschedule for tomorrow night. I'M HEATED!!!!!! I just hate when I'm all set with my plans and it gets cancelled, especially when the person is always cancelling. So of course I was saying stuff like do you even like me?? Does it bother you when we can't chill??

His response...IF I DIDN'T LIKE YOU, YOU WOULDN'T BE IN MY CRIB!!!!!!!!!!! I hate that line because its not necessarily true. I could be in your house because you want a good f**k or you're bored or whatever other reason. Granted I do hope he likes me because I obviously like him, but sometimes I just don't know. I just feel like I get mixed signals. The only time I feel like he actually cares about me and has feelings for me is when we're together. Sometimes I ask myself why do I even continue with him...but we all know the answer to that....


  1. Women's intuition is something else. Usually when we think somethings not right...thats because somethings not right.

    good luck with that though

  2. Yea I know and that's why I know I need to let him go. It's kind of hard tho but I'm working on it becaue I want more than what he's offering and more than what he seems to want to give me