Thursday, May 28, 2009

Graduation Parties

Well it's known that my gurls and I have just graduated from college (WOOHOO LOL), so this weekend was dedicated to us celebrating. Friday night was my homie graduation party @ Club Prime and Saturday was the other homie's graduation/birthday party at her crib.

Friday night was fun. While on the line, Chocolate came and he was talking to Ashy. He said wassup to me but no hug (I was a lil offended but whatever). So we finally get in the club and link up with the rest of the gurls and of course millions of pictures were taken. One thing I was a lil taken aback about was the price of the drinks. I ordered goose n orange juice and that crap was $14. Now I know this is typical in NY but understand I have been partying in ATL and I have yet to pay over $10 for a drink out there.

I should mention that Chocolate didn't end up coming in because they were charging him $40 to get in when he was really only suppose to pay $20. I was disappointed (I was really disappointed lol) but it was whatever I guess. lol

Around 2:30am Ashy had to go cuz she had to pick up the boo and I wasn't ready to leave so she left alone. Now I don't want you guys to think I'm grimey because I kept asking if she was cool with that cuz if she wasn't I would leave with her. I mean it was one of my closest friend's party so of course I didn't wana leave until it was over but Ashy is like my sis so I didn't want her getting mad at me, but she said she was cool and I just made sure she texted me when she got to the car, when she picked him up, and when she got home lol.

Saturday night was the backyard party and I had a blast as well. All the homies were there and guess who came thru......CHOCOLATE!!!!! lol. So me n Ash are walking to the crib from the car and we see him standing there talking to some girl and I already felt some type of way lol, but it turned out to be my homegurl. So he gives Ash a big hug and doesn't say anything to me ERRRR. When he looks at me I said hey Chocolate but he didn't say anything so I was like wow ok I won't be saying anything else to him for the rest of the night.

So me n Ash go upstairs to get some food and drinks and as we was eating, Chocolate comes up and starts talking to Ash. I just mind my business and eat my food. So then Ash says Shay, Chocolate says you didn't say anything to him tonight and I'm like wow are you serious. I definitely said hi to him and he ignored me. So he's like no you didn't, I kept looking at you waiting to catch your eye to say wassup and you made it your duty to not look at me. (lmao) I'm like no when I seen you look at me (once) I said "Hi Chocolate" and you just turned away as if I was nothing and he's like nah I didn't hear you. So then he comes and stands by me and gives me a hug and we talk for a bit. (The butterflies were on full mode at this time lol).

The night goes on and its full of pics and jokes and cake and drinks lol. Then Ash tells me she's leaving and I'm like ok (once again I'm not leaving cuz this is my close friend party). So I go to put my bag down and when I come back, she's gone. So I'm using my homeboy phone to call her but she not pickin up. So I get Chocolate to call her and she said she had left and he's like bring your ass back over here. Then he hooks my arm to his and we walk to go meet up with her ( I was feeling special and freaking paparazzi caught it on camera lol). I should add that he came with a date (and shorty was not cute to me...and I'm definitely not hating. I just think he could do better but I heard that's his ride or die so whatever!!!). While we were walking I asked if this is he gonna get into trouble with shorty he came with and of course he said no. He a grown ass man and can do whatever he wants lol.

So we get to the car and he talks for a bit and then he leaves. So I'm talking to Ash and then she says she has to go and when I say give me a hug she says no because she's mad at me but rather not talk about it now. So of course I went to the bestie and tried to get her input and that's when I realized that because I was trying to entertain everyone, I neglected Ash. Knowing everyone at a party isn't all its cracked up to be. But overall, THIS WAS A GREAT WEEKEND!!!!


  1. So very Brooklyn Of You All. The whole thing sounded like me and my friends LOL. So what are you gonna do now that you've graduated?

  2. I'm trying to land a job within my field now. I'm still working my reg job until I find something. I want to be a broker so I'm trying to get my resumes out there

  3. I know, so many graduations. Im happy for all of you!