Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Talk About Being Ungrateful

As we know my father is in the hospital and we have all been going to visit him...including my mom. Now daddy had no problem with this. He was actually happy to have my mother around again and he said that to us. This all changed this week.

My sis goes to the hospital to see him and my brother, aunt and cousin are there. So after about 10minutes my dad says to my sis he has something to tell her. She said she didn't want to hear it, she wasn't in the right mind frame for anything. So my aunt is like well maybe I should leave the room and my dad is like no you can stay.

So then he proceeds to say, "Tell your mom not to come visit me at the hospital anymore. I don't want to see her again, that's why I moved out". Wait just a darn minute, are you serious right now. So my sis asks why and he's like because she's the reason his blood pressure is rising. So she's like wait your not serious right now. Mom has been coming to visit you everyday and been taking care of you since you were admitted to the hospital and you were the one that said thank god she was there for you. Now out of nowhere she's making your blood pressure rise, all lies.

They argue for a bit and then my sis says something to my aunt and then storms out of the room. SOme might say that my sis was wrong because he's sick but I would've done the same thing....probably worse. I just don't understand it. It's like he was trying to be nice and humble to everyone because he was in bad shape, pretty much in his death bed. Now that he's getting better, he wants to kick everyone who was there for him to he curb for his sister. I'm so over that side of my family!!!

I forgot to mention that my cousin came to see my dad the other day and we was all there but it was my mom and her 2 sisters in the room with my dad. This dumb rude ass b**ch walks into the room and doesn't say hi to anyone but my dad. Acted like the other grown ups weren't in the room. When my mother told me this I was heated....that shit was mad freaking rude. I don't care how many times your mother said not to say anything to my mom. Like I was soo mad because I would never do that to my mother because in the end we are allstill family. Well now its like FUCK FAMILY!!! Well my dad's side anyway.

He Did WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!

Life has been so crazy for my family lately. Now we know my dad has been sick...he's getting better but he's back at the hospital after being released for like one day.

But the major drama is with the sorry ass man that is the father of my sister's baby. He was suppose to come pick up Nas Sunday so my sis rushed home to get his stuff ready for the bastard. So the guy gets here and he's all up on my sis like you talk all that shit over the phone but you aint saying nothing now. So she's like aint no one worried about you and he came up behind her so she pushed him away like don't touch me and he punched her. Yes blog world...HE PUNCHED HER!!!! So she hit him bck and they started fighting from there. He picked her up and slammed her on the floor and she kneed him in the balls. While they were fighting the baby is on the bed crying and I guess they hit the bed and the baby fell off and was crying hysterically. But did that stop him from beating on my sis.....NOOOOO OF COURSE NOT. He starts to choke her now and she knees him again and then he slams her against the door. By this time my mother is outside and heard the loud bang on the door and she came inside and found this MOTHERF**KER on top of my sis on the bed choking her. I gues its true when they say mothers have a strenght inside of them because my mother grabbed him and slammed him against the wall and held him there. My sis caught her breath and started punching him in the face and my mother is just screaming stop it. Then she says why are you doing this and he starts screaming how much he hates my sis and wants her dead so my mom is like if you hate her so much why are you here. Just leave!!! By this time the neighbor called the cops and the father left.

So of course I'm at work throughout all this fiasco and all my family members are here and everyone is calling me to tell me the dra. My brother comes with a hammer and my other brother comes with a belt lmfao. (I'm like what the hell was he going to do......spank the guy lol)

Then my sis calls his house and said to the father your fucking son hit me....he's dead!! So the jerks father is like omg and calls his wife to the phone and she said the same thing to her and the lady is like how she's coming over. When she gets here my oldest sister is like your fucking son put his hands on my sister....he messed with the wrong family. Then her and the mother gets into an argument. Whatever happens and then the lady tries to come in and my aun was like no you have to go and kicked her out. (That part was funny as hell to me.....GO AUNTY!!!)

All in all my sis has to do a order of protection and get a restraining order an do all these things for her safety. My whole thing is I just don't understand why he hates he so much. Is it because she moved on and has a new man in her life?? I know stuff like this happens all the time but I will never understand how you can go from loving someone so much to having pure hatred for them.

I keep thinking what would I have done if it was me who walked in instead of my mother. What would I have done to him? But I honestly think I would have found a weapon or knife or something and done bodily harm. NOONE MESSES WITH MY SiS!!!

As of right now the dumb mother fucker is in jail thank god.....but my brothers are ready to kill him. AAWW man the drama in the life of my family just doesn't end.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Hospital Visit

I went to visit daddy today. I never looked at that man and felt so crushed before in my life.

First off we get to the hospital and my mom waits in the hall because she hasn't spoken to my dad since they seperated. I walk into the room and my brother is already in there and he's talking to the doctor about the procedure my dad just went through for his dialysis. After he leaves my dad asks where my mom is and I'm like she's in the hallway...she doesn't know if she should come in or not. So he goes tell her to come...go get her. Now I was shocked because my dad has always made it his duty to avoid seeing or being around my mom. So I bring her into the room and he says hi and she gives him a kiss on the cheek. Then we all start talking and he tells us about what they did to him and all that.

Now I feel myself tearing up and I'm trying to fight it so that it won't come down. I succeed the first couple of times but it became too unbearable. No matter how much I tried to look up to get it to go back down, it wouldn't and came down. My brother seen it and I tried to quickly wipe it away because I really didn't want my dad to see me cry but it was too late. So I turned around and tried to wipe my tears away and my dad is like Shay why you crying, I'm fine. My brother says she not crying she just has allergies lol. Of course my dad is like hey do I look stupid to you.

I felt kind of bad though because we are suppose to be strong for him and we're not suppose to cry in front of him and I wasn't able to do that. I am always the strong one and I let a moment of weakness slip out. I know sometimes you just can't help it but I should've fought harder. I just couldn't bear the sight. He looked so small and frail and like he wasn't in control anymore and idk...

After a while my brother took me out in the hall for us to talk and he's like you should've never cried in front of him and I'm like I know but it's not like I planned it. I kind of vented to my brother too. I told him we aren't suppose to see daddy like this. He's suppose to be the strong one, the funny one, the one who acts like a big kid with us. But instead he's layed up in the hospital trying to get better, not really knowing if he will.

My dad keeps putting up this big front as if everything is okay but I know he's dying inside. I know he doesn't want us to see him this way and it hurts me so much. I try not to think about it because everytime I do I cry and I don't want to.

When we were leaving, I could tell in his eyes he didn't want us to go. He didn't want us to leave him in the hospital by himself. I could tell he wants to just come home...but he can't. I wish this pain coul just go away and things could go back to the way they were..but will it????

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Daddy is in the Hospital

Last night I was chilling with Stuy and my brother im's me and tells me my dad is in the hospital. This caught me totally off guard so I call my sister and she's like yeah he is but she doesn't know anything. So I took my chances and I called him and he picked up(thank god). SoI'm like what happen and he said he wasn't feeling good and was throwing up and couldn't bring himself to go to work so my aunt took him to the emergency room. So then he said they're gonna keep him over night to run tests and such so I'm like okay...even though inside I was worried.

So this morning I call him and I'm like what's going on now and he says that they said they are most likely going to have to keep him for the rest of the week to run dialysis. I don't know what that means but it has me scared on the inside. I know people always say you should not think of the worst but I can't help it. I just don't want to get that phone call with inevitable news because I wouldn't know how to handle it. I guess I just have to pray for the best and hope my dad is alright. I am extremely close to him and the pain of losing him would be unbearable. I know he has kidney problems and he is also diabetic but I know GOD will watch over him. Keep my daddy in yall prayers please!!!

Who Woulda Thought

There's this guy that I've had a crush on for the longest time now, but I just never thought anything would happen. It goes back to wen I was in JHS and I believe he was in HS. Let me tell you how we met:

My mom was going on a trip around the world and wanted to get a pair of sneakers so we went to the mall and went to ladies footlocker. There was this really cute guy working there and my mom decided to make him help her that day. When I tell you this lady put him through hell, I mean it. It was to the point where my sis and I had to walk away because she kept bothering him and changing her mind on the sneaker she wanted. She finally decided on some presto (I know yall remember when people were rocking those...all except me(yuck lol)). Ever since that day everytime this guy see's me or my sister, he would always say hi.

So now I get older and I realize that this guy lives around me and knows the same people I know and I still see him from time to time but nothing serious.

Fourth of July my friends and I go to the all white affair at the hamptons....and who do I see (Mr. Footlocker). I said hi and he gave me a big hug and was like wow you look gorgeous and I'm like thanks (inside I was glowing lol). So he's like you don't hit no one up and I'm like I use to but you never respond so I stopped and he's like well make sure you hit me up and I'll make it my duty to respond. HHHMMM genius idea pops into my head lol and I say how bout you just take down my number and he's like ok. But then he realizes one of his friends has his phone so he gives me his number (and a name so I finally stop calling him by his myspaec name lol).

Party continues and I bump into him again and he's like hugging me and stuff and like its always nice to see you. After the party I text him so he can have my number and we talk briefly.

Now we speak everyday and we realized we had so much in common. I don't know what's really going to happen with him but I'm hoping it does go somewhere. The only bad thing is he's not as tall as I like my men but he's real cute and smart so I won't the height stop me from pursuing it. I'll keep you guys posted on Mr. Footlocker.