Friday, May 8, 2009

Backing Out of Graduation

The other day I was looking through the millions of pictures I have on facebook and I stumbled on my sister's graduation pictures. I remembered how we all drove there as a family and stayed at her apartment and went to the graduation late and pretended we was there the whole time. GOOD TIMES LOL.

Now I think about my graduation that is coming up in two weeks on May 18 (woohoo lol) and I can't help but feel sad that I won't have the same experience. A lot of my family members who I want there aren't coming anymore.

My dad said he wasn't coming from jump because my mom is going to be there. ERR Like are you serious??? He says he doesn't want to be around her and he just rather not go. Now you would think the man that paid for me to go to college for 4yrs and use to drive my friends and I back and forth for the first 2yrs would want to be there to see his daughter get her degree. NOOO!!!! Instead he wants act stupid. Like why can't you just deal with it. No one is asking for you to talk to my mom or anything, just come and support. I remember seeing the pic with my sis in the middle and my mom and dad on each side and I can't help but feel jealous because I want a pic like that as well.

Next you have my sis (same one as above) who can no longer attend my graduation because the stupid judge decided to say the paternity test is that day. Now I don't blame her or anything but I'm real upset because I'm really close with her. I skipped my graduation for my associate's degree to go to her graduation because I knew she wanted me to be there and she was getting her bachelor's. Now she can't even attend my own grad.

Then you have my oldest sister who, in my opinion, doesn't really have a valid excuse. It was all planned that she was going to drive down with my brother and yesterday my brother calls and tells me she says she's not going anymore because she has to take some test June 6 and hasn't started studying. So instead of her coming to support her sister and watch her attain her degree, she'll be home "studying". I think its a load of sh**.

Then you have my brother who was suppose to ride in the car with my other bro n sis but since they're not driving anymore, he can't go.

It's like everyone is backing out of this last minute and I can't do nothing about it. I'm still going to try and enjoy my big day but I will always feel that void because of the lack of support. Congrats to me right smh.


  1. I'm sorry everyone is backing out! Hopefully, they realize how important this is and come!

  2. Ill come just send me a plane ticket.

  3. that sucks...sorry to hear that they arent attending. what school do you go to?

  4. Lol @ JO...If I could've I would.

    I'm graduating from Clark Atlanta University