Saturday, February 26, 2011

Trifling Family

My weekend started off really bad. I got into a big altercation with my oldest sister for taking my money after I told her not to and this stupid girl had the nerve to call the cops on me. So for the first time in my life I was arrested and taken to jail. I don't think I can explain all the emotions that were going through my body and mind throughout this whole ordeal. I felt rage, anger, sadness, and betrayed. Despite me cursing her out or breaking things, it shouldn't have gotten to the point where she had to call the cops. I more so feel this way because she said she felt like her life was threatened but she didn't call them until about 10-15min after this whole fiasco happened.

My experience at the precinct and at bookings wasn't so horrible, but it was still bad. The cell at the precinct was so cold and the toilet looked so nasty and smelled bad. I was there for about 5hrs before I was finally taken to bookings. At bookings, I shared a cell with about 20 other women that were in there for various reasons and although I spoke to a few, it was not where I wanted to be. The fact that I had to pee in the open space or sleep on a mat on the floor was very disgusting to me. The only good thing was there was heat so I wasn't as cold as before. I wasn't able to see a judge until around 6pm and since this was my first encounter with the law and the whole scenario was so ridiculous I was let go. BUT, there is an order of protection which means I can't stay at my house if that girl that I once referred to as my sister is there. I'm just so over her and I will no longer consider her family. In my eyes, she died the night I got arrested. I may be overreacting but that's just how I feel. After this encounter with jail, I know for a fact that I don't ever want to go through this again (even though I knew this before).