Monday, November 29, 2010


Last night I had a complete meltdown. I think one day I am going to go completely crazy and throw a temper tantrum.

It started with watching tv in dear old mommy's room when she says she wants to take a nap before going to church. So I said okay and went into my sisters room/where I sleep/ex living room and go on my computer and watch tv with my sisters. They then leave for church leaving me with the tv and peace and quiet. Now last night there were 3 good things on tv at the same time, documentary on Nicki Minaj, Soul Train Awards, and Real Housewives of Atlanta. So I'm flipping back and forth trying to watch all three shows when everyone returns from church. When they walk in, I am watching Nicki Minaj and my older sister is saying change it because she doesn't want to watch it and all this nonsense and even though I informed her the show would be over in 15min she kept carrying on. So I said take your stupid ass remote control and I went upstairs. Then my mom wants to put in her 2 cents as if I'm not already annoyed so I bark on her. Then I cursed. Now this may not be a big thing, but I never curse in front my holy mother (unless I'm joking or reciting a story).

I finish watching my shows and then I decide to go to bed. Now everything hits me, this isn't suppose to be how my life is right now. I graduated with honors from school, yet I still don't have a permanent job. My dad told me he would be there to help me out when he got out the hospital, but he left me. This is when the tears started falling and I couldn't quite get it to stop. I blamed God for taking away the only man that seemed to love me and wanted to help me in any way possible. He promised everything was going to be okay, but instead everything got worse. My other sis tried to console me, as well as my bff but in the end no one can ever help. This pain will never go away. The fact that I'm still living at home without a room and living in bins and sharing closets isn't helping either. I just wanna know when it will be my turn to just be happy again??!!!

Twitter Fronting

Now one thing that I HATE the most is when people front for twitter. They pretend to be someone they really aren't to impress people on the internet, but they forget that some of us know them off the internet.

Now the guy from "Disaster Date" is a perfect example. During our dates we had many discussions on dating and money and he let it be known he was cheap and that he wouldn't take a date or his gf to a fancy restaurant because he doesn't want to have to change himself. So of all the days his mute expired, it happened the day he decides to post on twitter that he will take his gf to certain restaurants and wouldn't mind spending money on them to make her happy. Whoaaaa but that's not what you told me. So I commented and he had the nerve to tell me not to butt in. Excuse me sir but if you didn't notice, this is twitter so I will butt in if I want. So I decided to unfollow him after that day.

So the other day my bff (which he doesn't know from a hole in the wall) decided to unfollow him and his thirsty ass questioned her about it and she replied that her bestie (me) put her on to him. This man BLEW UP!!! He goes to say "wow she made you unfollow me because I curved her"..."she's just mad cuz I didn't want to mess with her like that and she's a lame and wack and so are you". Now I replied "you definitely didn't curve me and your mad wack for fronting for twitter". He has the nerve to say I'm ugly and I need tyra number for a makeover but he forgets I have all his messages saying how pretty I am and how he doesn't want to put himself out there if I don't want to talk to him like that.

He kept going on and on but I politely told him he's wack and I don't have time to argue via twitter so he can beat it and keep fronting for twitter. Now I'll tell you this, if I see him and he decides to continue, I'm airing his whole business out. People take my kindness for weakness and I need to shut him down :)

Disaster Date

The other night I went on a "date" with a friend. Now let me be clear that me and this guy are/were just friends. I wasn't in no shape or form attracted to him (but I can't say the same about him).

We flirted here and there on twitter and he let it be known numerously that he found me attractive and wanted to know if I had feelings for him. I told him I am just a flirt and just see him as a friend. He wanted to go see Saw 3D and I said I would go and that would be our date.

The night came and he came and picked me up and we drove to the theaters. In the car we made small talk and got into a mini argument on our views about dating and relationships. (He's very very close minded). We get to the theater and he gives me $40 to get the tickets as he goes to find parking. He makes it to me just as I am about to purchase the tickets and when he sees that the tickets are $16.50 a piece, he goes crazy but still purchases them. The lady gives me back $7 and I hand it to him since it is his money and he looks at me like I'm crazy saying its only 7 bucks so I'm like fine give it back to me and he says no and puts it in his pocket. (So you're saying that's chump change but your quick to stuff it in your pocket hmmm).

After the movie I say lets go for drinks since its still early and he says ok so I let him know there's an Applebees a few blocks down and we drive there. We get to the bar and I order a drink and he gets one. Now I see he post on twitter that he finally took me out and paid (wtf!!). Then we both order appetizers and just make conversation. He proceeds to tell me that he is a cheap guy and he will spend money on things and later regret it. Then we get into multiple arguments about different things. (I guess I should tell yall that I am very strong minded and always have a point to make). By this time I'm annoyed with him. Now I'm done with my drink and I order another. The look that I get from this man was crazy but I paid him no mind. So he makes a comment about if he was to go sit somewhere else, what would I do with the check. I said I would tell them to bill it to him. He says no you won't so I make it clear that if he doesn't want to pay I will pay for myself. Stop treating me like I'm broke. Anyway, the check comes and its $48 and do you know this man had the nerve to complain. I couldn't believe it.

On our way back to my house, we get into yet another argument and I shut him down and get out of the car. I couldn't believe he was acting this way and I chose to mute him on twitter and we haven't really spoken since. But boy did he have pent up anger......

Friday, November 26, 2010


Happy Belated Thanksgiving everyone!!! I hope everyone enjoyed the time spent with friends and family and lets not forget....THE FOOD!!!

I had a GREAT GREAT Thanksgiving. Well, it really started off Wednesday after work. I went out for drinks with my sister and best friend and then ended up at a friend's birthday party. I was getting drink after drink and loving it. Of course that caused me to make a phone call to have a happy ending lol.

Yesterday I laid in bed until the food was ready and went over to my brothers house and hung out with the fam. I originally was going to go visit my aunt but then I changed my mind and went out with friends. First stop was my home girl grandmother's house where we hung out and told jokes and planned our next vacay. Then this guy came who I was talking to and he just cut me off out of nowhere after meeting me once. He proceeded to ask my homegirl who I was because my hair is different (I have bangs now) and I know he felt really lame (yessss lol). Then I went to visit my other best friend and then ended the night at my other home girl house where we played gestures. It was a great night. Only bad thing is I'm at work now and I only had 3hrs of sleep. But hey I'm young right.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Diaper Change

I was watching an old episode of "Teen Mom" the other day and one of the mothers allowed her current boyfriend to change the diaper of her daughter. When her baby father asked her about this, she admitted that she did allow it and he got really upset and stormed off.

Now at first, I was annoyed with the baby father because I didn't see what the big deal was. If she is busy doing something, then what is the problem with her significant other helping her out and changing the diapers. I then spoke to a few friends and my mother about this and they helped me to understand the perspective of the father. It isn't okay for another man to be in the private area of your daughter. Granted he was just helping, but with all these weird sick men out there, who's to say what is going on in the mind of your man. A little thing as changing the baby diaper can lead to other things that aren't appropriate.

Do you agree with the baby father in this matter? Is it okay for another man to change the diaper of your baby girl? Women - would you allow your current boyfriend to change the diaper of your little girl?

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Losing Interest

I think I am beginning to lose interest in Mr. WipeMeDown. A part of me thinks that's a good thing, while the other part doesn't want this to happen.

I'm not sure if I've said this before but Mr. WipeMeDown is always busy because of the fact that he works 2 jobs. I understand it and I commend him for it BUT its to the point now where it's affecting my time with him. I don't mean this to sound like I don't want him to go out there and make his money though.

There are days when he would be off from one job or even both jobs, and instead of just hitting me up to even tell me, he's tweeting about going out with his homegirls or the guys. Now, I know I can be very jealous but I'm really not upset that he is trying to chill with his friend. I am upset that he doesn't even think to hit me up. Not only do I just want to see him or hang out with him sometimes, but I am a horn dog sad to say. I have needs and when he's MIA my needs go unnoticed. He once told me that as long as he stays busy with his 2 jobs, lack of sex doesn't really affect him. This isn't the case with me. I think about sex A LOT and I want it when I want it lol.

I also hate the fact that when he wants sex, I'm available and ready to go there and satisfy him, but when I want sex I can't get it. Then to make matters worse, his nonchalant attitude turns me off. When I tell him how I feel, he has the whole "I Don't Care" attitude". Then when we do have sex, I'm not entirely satisfied.

Don't get me wrong, Mr. WipeMeDown is great in bed, but when he's tired he does a half ass job and lately every time we do get to have sex, he's tired. It leaves me wanting more. I'm ok with the 1st round just being ok but I will need more rounds to satisfy me and he isn't up to it. He just cleans up and goes to sleep. Then last night after we finished, I went to touch him and he kind of freaked and that shit turned me off. I think I'm going to go back to my old partner who is great in bed, but refuses to go down on me smh. Its like a lose lose situation with these men.

Stinky Feet

So I have this coworker who finds the need to take his shoes off EVERYDAY at work. He sits right next to me and I must say I am quite annoyed. I am not against people taking their shoes off at work or anything, but PLEASE PLEASE if you feel the need to do so, make sure you wash your feet and wear clean socks and your shoes don't have an odor.

This was not the case with my coworker. I'm pretty sure he knows his feet smells because if it could slap me the way it does everyday that I come to work, then I'm pretty sure it slapped him or his girlfriend a few times. Everyday I would complain on my bbm status or on twitter and everyone would say just say something to the guy but I didn't want to. Don't get me wrong, I was not afraid, but more so embarrassed for him. If I was in his position and someone told me that my feet stinks, I wouldn't know how to react.

Yesterday I got so fed up that I decided to write a note. Now I think my note was pretty straight forward and not as rude as I usually am, but other people think otherwise. The note read:

Hey, I don't want to be rude or anything but we would appreciate it if you would refrain from taking your shoes off because your feet stinks. We tried to just bare with the stench but its getting to the point where we either have to hold our breath or leave the room and that's not fair to us. Its actually quite suffocating. Thanks in advance!!

Now when he left the room I put the note on his book in front of his computer just to make sure that he would find the note. He comes back into the room and just stares at the screen. He doesn't even look down and I know he sees the note just laying there. When he finally does look down, he turns the page of the book leaving the note there. So for the rest of the day he doesn't say anything about the note but I tell my other coworker if he takes his shoes off tomorrow and I smell his damn feet, I'm gonna go crazy on him because I tried to be nice about it.

I think he either read the note when I initially wrote it and had left the room or when I had gone to the bathroom after I gave it to him. Either way I don't appreciate coming to work to have to hold my breath as if I'm a garbage collector.

So today at work, stinky feet takes his shoes off and has his foot all near for me to see. Surprisingly, there wasn't a stench. So I'm guessing he either finally decided to wash his feet or change his damn socks. It's sad that I had to write a note for that to actually happen. But the moment I smell his feet again I'm saying something.

Have you ever had to work with someone who had a disturbing odor coming from some part of their body and didn't know how to address the issue? What did you do?

Friday, November 5, 2010


So I have been working for a company as a temp for about 3 months now and although I knew it was only a temporary position, I was sort of hoping that it would turn into a permanent thing. The other day my boss tells us that he is looking to keep about 3 people but its a hard decision because all 8 of us are doing a really good job. Yesterday he interviewed each one of us and told us about the position, salary and benefits. I was a lil excited because I felt finally things in my life may start going the way I need and want them to. He said that he would make his decision by next Wednesday the latest.

Today I come into work hoping that maybe he would make his decision instead of having us wait but I didn't see an email so it was either I wasn't chosen or he didn't decide yet. Then my coworker tells me that he did choose and he chose 4 pple instead of 3 and they are all from the other room.

Now I'm not gonna hate on them but I just kind of feel like that's unfair. If everyone is doing such a good job to where your decision is so hard why are you only picking people from one room? Then to top it off, you get noise complaints about that room all the time. It just seems as if its favoritism because he does interact with the people in that room more than my room.

All in all I'm disappointed because I will be back on my unemployed status in a couple weeks and will have to search for another position. This just sucks!!!!