Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I Hate Traveling Sometimes

I hate flying sometimes. I was stuck at the airport for about 4hrs because airtran wanna be cancelling and delaying flights left and right.

First off it starts off bad because I fly xfares a majority of the time because it's cheaper (sometimes anyway). So I initially wanted to catch the first flight of the day which was at 825am but of course that flight as well as the 1013am flight are booked. So the representative says come in for the 1233 flight. Now I get to the damn airport and the stupid lady says that flight is booked because one of the flights from this morning was cancelled, so the next available flight is at 249. I'm tight!!!! It was 11am meaning I would have to just sit there and wait...but of course I had no choice. Then these damn fools delay the flight to 325...then to 351. LIKE WAT DA HELL!!!!!!

I was planning on going straight to the hair salon but of course with all these delays that was a no go. I finally land at 6pm. uhghh

Airtran can't seem to function in bad weather. A little bit of drizzle will cause panic with these people. Imma need them to get their act together.

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