Thursday, May 21, 2009

Lemme Introduce Chocolate

When I first started college, I wasn't really experienced in the dating field, let alone the sexual field. In high school I use to find any reason to not go out with a guy and just kick it with my girls, but once I got to college I realized this needed to change. (I actually realized this my senior year in hs when I couldn't find someone to go to the prom with).

So I encountered this man, let's call him Chocolate lol, and it turned out he was really cool with one of my close home girls. So he decided to get some info from my friend about me and I did the same. Once we were both satisfied, we decided to set up a date to actually hang out and get to know eachother. I came home one weekend to visit from school and he came by my house and I WAS SOOO SATISFIED!!! lol The next day we went to the movies and had a pretty good time just hanging out at the crib. We continued talking for a couple months before I gave up the goodies.

One saturday morning he comes and picks me up from my crib and we go back to his place. I was nervous as hell because I really liked him and I didn't want to do anything wrong to make him not like me. He turned out to be packing and the sex was GREAT.

Now I have this tendency to think like some men at times and believe that once a man has had sex with me, they will lose interest because that's all that they wanted. I took on this attitude with Chocolate and I think that turned him away.

Remember how I said that Chocolate and my homegirl are really cool, well because of that I see him on different occasions when he comes by her crib and EVERYTIME I see him, I get those butterflies. I feel like we are meeting all over again and I get a lil shy.

I haven't seen Chocolate since August at our last annual cookout and me and him were talking for a good while. I wanted to exchange numbers with him so we could keep in touch but that didn't end up happening. Anyway, I do still have feelings for him and I want us to start talking again.

When I come to this revelation, I find out that Chocolate and my sis from another mother are really cool as well. I tell her about my history with him and that I still have feelings for him and now she's trying to get us back together. Now I'm definitely not complaining but I'm nervous as hell. Saturday my homie is having a graduation party and Chocolate is suppose to be there so now I'm going crazy looking for an outfit to wear to look good lol. Isn't it crazy what we do when we know certain people are going to be where we are going to be?? I just hope he's still interested and now that I am back in NY, me and him can start talking on that level again. I guess I'll just have to wait and see.

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