Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Back in BK

I'm back in Brooklyn for the week and I have so much to do. I have to get my hair done, mani, pedi n eyebrows, and I have to get my graduation dress.

Now this graduation dress may be a problem because I don't know what I want yet and I was looking online and couldn't really find anything. So I know this is going to be a task and my mom may get annoyed with me lol.

Let's not forget the partying, chilling with friends & booS lmao.

So you may not hear from me for the week but I will try my best to keep you guys updated. But I just need time to unwind and have some fun.

O and I got two of my final grades today: an A in Principles of Insurance and a B in International Finance Management. Now I knew I was getting that A in Insurance but I was ecstatic with the B 'cause I was struggling in that class. Now I'm waiting on my other 4 classes but I know I did good so you know I will be having a carefree week.


  1. congrats, very proud of you.

  2. oooh!!! good luck on the dress!!! I will be in the city doing the same =)

    btw..I tagged you on my page...go check it out =)

  3. Sorry I'm late...but thanks guys.

    @ Adwoa- I found a dress...after looking for abou 3 days lol