Friday, May 8, 2009

Disrespect to the Max!!!!!

What do you think is the most utmost form of disrespect ever????

I personally think it's someone spitting on you because it's a way of saying you are nothing and don't matter AT ALL!!!! This is what people do when they are saying you have no meaning in my life and it wouldn't matter to me if anything was to ever happen to you.

Well my sister had that said to her. Yesterday she had to go to court for her dead beat of a baby father and he was beyond pissed. He was grilling her the whole time and I'm guessing cursing her under his breath.

When court was over, he left right away. She had gone with her best friend, and they didn't leave the court house until about 30min after the dead beat left. They was standing outside and my sis just felt a presence upon her and by the time she turned around, she already felt something wet on her face. The dead beat was out there waiting for them to come out, and spit on her!!!! She said she actually smelled it and it reaked (as if he didn't brush his teeth that morning). The spit also landed on her bff jacket.

The next question, of course, is what did she do????? NOTHING!!!!!!!! smh sad to say. He did it so quick and just walked away like nothing happened. She had a long umbrella and was about to start swinging it at him but the bff stopped her and said think about the baby and what the court might say or something like that. I personally would've found a way to kick him in the nuts (5x) and then spit right back at him while he layed on the floor in pain...BUT THAT'S JUST ME LOL

What would you do if someone ever spit on you????


  1. eewww!!...bless your sister's soul (and her bff) for not retaliating! He will surely get his someday somehow!

  2. DAMN. I dont know what I would do.

  3. that is so disrespectful.. thats like the highest form of disrespect. i had someone spit on me before and i almost killed really she ended up in the hospital. i wanted to kill her but ppl took me off of her.

  4. Wow...But I dont really blame you. I probably would've done the same

  5. say huh say what? he spit on her?
    It aint her fault that he aint shit.

    They would have had to surgically remove that umbrella from his asshole

    I swear....I dont play that spitting hitting or none of that shit, its ALL disrespectful