Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Just Say It From the Beginning!!!!!

So random friend hits me up today basically saying he wants to see me while I'm home. Now this friend, we'll call him ENY, is cool peoples and use to give me advice and such when I was dealing with Stuy. After Stuy and I broke up, ENY and I started talking and such. That summer we engaged in a sexual encounter lol. But then it seemed like he started acting funny. Like before we had sex, we use to talk everyday and he use to make sure he was the last person I spoke to at night before going to bed.

When the phone calls slowed and he always had an excuse for not wanting to chill I said f*** it. I'm not down for this shit and left him alone.

So he hits me up today:

ME: What's wrong with a 2 piece?

ENY: Nothing....I wanna see u wearing 1 in person

ME: That won't happen unless u go on vacay or the beach w/me

ENY: I can't see u with no clothes?

ME: Nope

ENY: why not?

ME: cuz I'm not fuckin u so y would I let u c me naked

Then he basically tells me he wants to have sex with me...or would like to

ME: We're friends

ENY: We weren't friends before?

ME: Yea but I had liked u then n I thought u did 2. But afta we had sex u was actin funny

ENY: No I wasn't actin funny. I did like you

ME: U was 2 me....made it seem like all u wanted was the sex. So I said wateva and left it at that

ENY: U deserve 2 know shit...it wasn't about the sex...I was feeling u...4real. But I had 2 much problemz...with fam, girls...everything was goin wrong and I needed time 2 just handle my shit 2 be honest. I didn't want 2 get involved knowin my head wasn't gonna be all there. I never wanted 2 disrespect u in anyway

ME: If that was the case u shoulda said it from jump n left us as friends. U shouldn't have had sex with me. But it is wat it is n its the past

Like I just don't understand men sometimes. If you feel you were going thru so much to the point where you don't want to build on anything with someone new, why not just say something from jump so that the female can know what she's getting herself into and if she even wants to be in that situation????? Well it's the past and that's where its staying. We will continue to just be FRIENDS, nothing more and nothing less!!!

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