Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Ex pt 2

I don't know how to feel about Stuy trying to come back into my life after us not speaking for a year. I mean are you for real right now. You just so happened to be thinking about me at 5am one morning after not thinking or speaking to me for so long. WTF!!!!

Like an idiot, I have been speaking to him since that day though. I don't know what the reason is, but I find myself drawn to him like I was in the past. We've spoken about a lot including our relationship, why we broke up, and what's going on in our lives now. He says I should've done more to keep us together. If I had cared about the relationship I would've kept calling until I was forgiven for allowing the guy to kiss on my neck. We talked and talked and I guess we pretty much got over it.

Now lets speed up a bit. This man has the nerve to say that I still belong to him. WHAT!!! Ok let me back track and walk yall through this part of the conversation.

Stuy: soo u coming 2 check me nxt time u in da city?
Me: umm idk. I mean we can probably link somewhere n catch up
Stuy: hmm. Idk how 2 feel about that
Me: wat u mean? whats the prob
Stuy: im not saying theres a prob. just feel like ur actin brand new
Me: how?
Me: we've been talkin normal this whole time
Stuy: yea but wen i asked u 2 check me u gave me a funny style response
Me: im not bein funny wit it. i was kind of caught off guard n im like i dont think it b rite 2 come 2 ur crib...cuz thats how i took "come check u"
Stuy: why dont u think it b right to come to my crib?
Me: idk. i figure itll b easier 2 talk in a public area face to face. y r u against us meeting somewhere to talk?
Stuy: im not against us meeting n a public place. it jus thru me 4 a loop cuz u neva had a prob coming to the crib b4.
Stuy: That's something that was never an issue

Let's fast forward this convo

Stuy: u got a bf??
Me: no
Me: just talkin
Stuy: wat happened to him?
Stuy: hmm, how serious r yall??
Me: what happened to who
Stuy: whoeva u talkin 2
Me: he around
Stuy: how long yall been talkin??
Me: one since the summer...the other 2 not too long
Stuy: woooowww
Stuy: how many of em r u fuckn & suckn???
Me: I've had sex once wit da guy from the summer...thats bout it
Stuy: hmm yea ok
Me: im dead ass. that was like last month n b4 that I hadnt had sex in 9 months
Stuy: im dissapointed in ur answer
Me: y
Stuy: im da only dick that should b in u
Me: so i was suppose to practice abstinence wen we broke up?
Stuy: yup pretty much. If u aint fuckn or suckn me, ya legs n lips should remin closed
Stuy: u belong to "Stuy"
Me: nahh im not property
Stuy: naw u mine. all mine
Stuy: idc how long its been since weve spoken, youll always b mine

First off yes people he's that rude with that whole fuckn n suckn nonsense. but can u believe this guy. Like did he really think I was going to sit around waiting on him?? I think the worst part is the fact that I like when he says things like that. I like the fact that he still cares and/or likes me.

I know I'm crazy but since that day we speak pretty much everyday. I dont know if I want us to be an item again, but I doubt it. But once again I'm drawn to the attention he gives. Now the question is will I go see him when I go home in a couple weeks???

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  1. i have two things to say

    the right thing to do: leave him alone. he prob hasn't changed. the way that he was talkin to you shows where his head is @. and he cares about you but idk if he can handle what you need.

    what i would do: ignore the right thing to do & when things dnt work out, I'll bitch and moan about how men suck even though i put myself in the situation.

    girl: if you're strong enough stay away.