Saturday, April 18, 2009


After about dozens of meetings for our group presentation, we finally presented on Thursday. The presentation was based on the group trying to start a business and we had to ask investors for money to start up the business.

Our group chose to begin a catering company. We talked about this project so many times just so that we could ensure a successful presentation. I was the CEO of the company and the leader of the group. I assigned everyone a role and told them what they had to do.

I should probably mention that I hate group projects because people don't like to do their part of the project. Let's start off with one of the girls not showing up to any of the meetings and no one really knew who she was. She missed the first 4-5 meetings smh.

Anyway week after week we would meet up to discuss this project and every week I told everyone to have their part so that we can go over it and edit it where ever needed. I actually saw that this project was going to be a success because we was taking the time out to think about everything and thinking of the questions the investors might ask so that we could be well prepared. So you would think we had a good presentation and everything went as planned right....WRONG!!!!!!!!

First of all, everyone didn't have their part until the day before the presentation. So we meet that afternoon to put the paper together, which wasn't suppose to be a hard task because all I had to do was take everyone's part and just put it in. Well people still hadn't finished their part nor had we done the slides for the presentation. Then people had to go to class so we didn't finish everything that afternoon, so we decided to meet that evening after classes to ensure that everything gets done.

We meet up that evening and people's parts still aren't done so therefore the paper isn't complete. Like what the FU**...yall had all this time and this still aint done. So then I'm like let me just start working on the powerpoint. I begin but then people don't know what part they want to put on the slide to talk about to the investors. Now its like 11pm and the library closes at 12am. Everyone's laughing and joking but I just want to get this thing done because the presentation is at 1215pm the next day.

So we don't end up finishing the slides but one of the group members says he'll go home and work on the slides. So I say ok just send me the end result in the morning so I can make sure everything is good. This man sends me the paper and the powerpoint an hour before class. So I put on my suit and head to the library. I open up the paper first and I'm in shock. The professor says write a 5-7pg business plan and we have a 13pg business plan. These people had so much unnecessary information in the paper and I had to do tho gete editing. I was only able to get it down to 10pgs smh.

Next, I open the powerpoint up and again I am not happy. My part was of course in order but then I start looking over the slides for my group members. The marketing plan was in paragraphs on the slide and it was about 3-4 slides. I'm like what the fuckkkk (excuzee my language). I call my group members and tell them to meet me in the library asap (mind you it's like 1130 now and class is at 1215. I start deleting unnecessary information yet again to try and shorten up the slides. When I get to the competetive analysis I'm upset again because it's not how I wanted it to be at all. What ticked me off the most was when I got to the final slide, the financial plan. This man had up Year 1-4 revenues for the company AND THAT WAS IT. I'm beyond heated and I'm like I know this isn't what you're planning on showing the class and the investors. Where are all the other numbers, the expenses, the rate of return, the expected projections. Where are all the things that belong on a balance sheet.

Needless to say time ran out and we had to go to class. By this time I dont want to present at all because I felt like the presentation was going to be a joke. AND IT WAS. My group members didnt seem to have a good grasp on their own information and when it came time for questions and answers they couldn't answer any of the questions. I had to answer everything!!! The main comment that pissed me off was when they said something about the financial plan and the fact that we didnt have no numbers up.

I dont know our grade on this project yet but I dont think its good. I mean we watched 6 groups present from previous weeks and knew what the investors were looking for and still didnt come close to satisfying it. I felt like we should've done better because we met and discussed these things too many times for us to fail the way we did. This is one of the main reasons why I HATE GROUP PROJECTS!!!!

I'm really trying to get use to it because I know this is how its going to be in the real world when I begin my career. I know to always do things myself if I want them done right because in the end I'm being judged. I learned a valuable lesson but I hope my grade doesn't suffer too much.

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  1. I hate group projects as well. It would be great if they graded you all individually based on your roles instead of all of you suffering for it. YOU DID YOUR PART. I hope everything turns out better than you expected.