Tuesday, April 21, 2009

You Always Need Your Own

So I live in an apartment with 3 other girls and its all good..sometimes. One of the roommates we don't even talk to so she doesn't even really count but the other 2 girls are my friends.

When I moved into this place, they was already living here from the previous year so the place already had appliances including living room tv, dishes, cups, decorations and whatever. So therefore, I didn't need to purchase anything. The only thing I did think about actually getting was my own tv for my room because I hate when I want to watch something but I can't because everyone else doesn't want to watch it and just basically competing for the tv.

Lets look at these past 2 days. Yesterday I was in the living room watching tv (Gossip Girl) when they both came home with their homeboy. At first one of them was cool with what I was watching and was basically asking me questions about it and sh**. Then the other comes in like omg do we have to watch this and I just ignored her and continued watching the tv. Gossip Girl finishes and One Tree Hill comes on. So I start watching it and they say omg do we have to watch this, we just sat here and watched your other show can we watch something else. Now I'm annoyed because the rule has always been if someone is watching tv you just sit thru and watch it because the person was there first. Then all of a sudden they want to watch the game as if we ever watch basketball. I was annoyed and said this wouldn't be happening if I had just gotten my own tv like I had planned to or if I would've brought the tv daddy got me but noooo smh.

Tonight they leave and go whereever and I'm home watching tv in the peace and quiet and I am definitely enjoying it. So College Hill comes on and thats the show I was waiting to watch and here they come talking ridiculously loud and shit and having this dumb ass discussion. Now I'm all for healthy discussions and stuff but it's just so rude when you know someone is watching television or something and here you come talking real loud making it impossible to hear. Had it been one of them, they would've been quick to be like they watching tv but they don't seem to respect that I am. ughh I so cant wait to graduate and head back up north and away from them.

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