Monday, April 20, 2009

So Called Managers

Yesterday work was pretty annoying. I was especially annoyed at the managers working that day because they just dont do shit. I mean working retail your job is to run clothes from the fitting room back to their designated places on the sales floor while giviing customer service and yada yada yada.

So we have this new manager. He's kind of in training because we are opening up a store in Orlando and he is going to be there. This man has been with the company for 8yrs and use to be a manager at one of the NJ stores and then ended up leaving to work in recruiting for the company. I guess now he's training to remember how to manage a store or whatever. We will refer to him as "Lazy" lol.

So Saturday was the first time I met and worked with this man and right off the back I knew I didnt like it and he just wasnt management material. I had a rack on the floor and I was running my clothes and I was just about done when he comes out with more clothes for ME TO RUN. Excuze me ur hands dont look broke sir. Mind you I was scheduled to take my 15 at that time. But I dont say anything and just run the clothes. Now I go back to the fitting room and once again he picks up clothes and hands it to me saying here run these. WTF!!! So I just look at him and ignore him and continue talking to my coworkers. So my homeboy is like Shay he's talking to you, I'm like I know. So I take the clothes from him finally and he goes and runs 2 FU**EN CLOTHING. So I'm in the fitting room venting to my coworkers like wat da hell is wrong with this man. So he comes back and I'm like fixing up these dresses to take with me to run. He comes to me like are you going to run those, yea I am as soon as I get those 2 dresses. Then he gonna say well you could've ran those garments in your hand and came back for the other stuff. So my smart ass say Well I like to run a handful of clothes at a time (because his ass doesnt seem to do that). Then I get the dresses and leave. This muthfucka gonna come to me on the floor like Shay is there a problem and I'm like nope and he says "You know I'm a manager right?" Yes I do. 'Crickets' 'Crickets'. I'm waiting for his point and he has none. I wanted to say do you know your a manager cuz you sure as hell dont seem like it but I dont want no problems lol.

Now yesterday I have the pleasure of working with him again lol. So I'm scheduled to be in the fitting room and we are beyond backed up with clothes everywhere and we need runners. This dumbass is not doing shit and I'm catching a serious 'tude with his ass. I'm rude as hell so I was trying to control myself with him and the tatted up manager. So at the end of the night we are having our store meeting and one of my coworkers says well what do you do when people arent doing their job and tatted manager says you voice your concerns to them and/or a manager. So homegirl says well what if it's a manager lmfao. This b**** shuts her mouth quick so I put in my 2 cents. So of course they decide Shay is rude and we need to sit down and have a talk with her.

So I get pulled into the managers office and they both say how they feel negative vibes coming from me and whats the prob. I say well I feel lik some managers aint doing they job and I'm referring to lazy over here and I basically run down everything. They try to give me some bullshit and Im like yall are hypocrites and yall need to do yall job. Til then dont come at me with anything because in the end I am doing my job. Boy were they upset. But o well

Dont you just hate when managers feel because they have that title they have something over you? Doesn't work for me people...not at this job anyway. I have about 3 more wks with them anyway so they can kick rocks. I DARE 4 THEM TO COME AT ME AGAIN LOL


  1. LOL this post speaks directly to me.

  2. lol
    It's a power thing.
    I 'm dealing with the same shit right now too.