Monday, April 27, 2009

Men Are Just As Sensitive

Last night I stayed on the phone with Stuy til 5am. Majority of the time we weren't even talking. My eyes were closed (I was sooo tired) and we were just holding on to the phone. He was listening to music and we would say or ask something every few minutes. Its sad though because I knew I was tired but I didn't want to get off the phone. I was comfortable with just having him on the other end.

Well we ended up getting on the topic of when I come home (next wk baby lol) and us seeing each other. He still doesn't agree with the fact that I want to meet in public grounds, away from his house. So we are talking and he makes a comment about sex and I say sometimes you make it seem like thats all you want from me. BIG MISTAKE!!! He got so upset and was like how could you say that to me. He was soo mad and was basically acting like an ass for the rest of the time we were on the phone. He said we really don't need to be dealing with eachother if I think he only wants me for sex. He doesn't lack it that much for him to feen to get it from me.

My whole thing is he took my comment the wrong way because I didn't say he only wants me for sex. I was just pointing out that sometimes the comments he makes have made me feel as though that's all he wants, but I know it isn't. It was just a way for me to let him know he needs to watch what he says to me sometimes because of how it makes me feel. So at the end of the convo I ask if he misses me (which we always ask eachother) and he says no. I'm like wow are you serious and he's like yea and I'm like you know what let's just get off the phone and he's like ok so I hang up.

Now I'm mulling all this over and I'm like I just don't understand why he got upset because to me he's misinterpreting what I was saying. So the roomie says because he actually cares for me and it hurt him for me to say all he wants me for is sex. Men are just as sensitive as females and when they really care about a female and the female says something hurtful, they really take it to heart. So I apologized!!

But I wanna know do you guys agree, are men just as sensitive as women when it comes to someone they really care for?


  1. AS a guy we get offended when ya come at us. But I think he blew it way out of proportion so dont even sweat it in some time things will be back to normal.

  2. guys are def just as sensitive but they can turn it off easier than we can...

  3. nah, bullshit. He just mad you called him on it!

  4. Yeah we are but we're brought up not to show it.But its still a part of us.Although I think he was a bit extra with it.

  5. The fact that these dudes all said he was extra and emmeline said he's mad you called him out and what i read brings me to this conclusion, guys dont like to be called out. He may not ONLY want you for sex, but he wants sex...and alot of it LOL

    Yeah, he's mad you called him out got nervous and started spazzing