Thursday, April 30, 2009


I had 3 finals today back to back to back..ok there was an hour break between each lol. But can you say "Overwhelmed"!!!!

Ok so the first final was at 10am and it was in Security Analysis and Portfolio Management. Now this class isn't as bad as it sounds, I actually enjoy it and I'm doing pretty good (could be doing better if my bad memory syndrome didn't kick when it wants to). So I studied all night for this final and I woke up extra early this morning for this final because I want an A not a B in the class. So show time comes and she gives us the test (mind you it's only 3 of us taking it because we're the only seniors in the class) and the first page has me dumbfounded already. I go through the test and it isn't that bad. Now I get to this question and I felt that was going to be an easy 10pts right there because we just covered the material and I remember all the formulas...NOT!!! I get stumped on the first formula and without answering the first part of the question, I can't finish the other 2 parts. I'm heated at this moment. After the test, I check my notes and I felt so stupid because what I was missing in the formula was so basic and I was so mad I couldn't remember it. Don't you hate when that happens???

Second final was in International Finance. I'm already not doing too well in this class (I think only 2 people in the class are doing good...shame right) and I'm counting on this final to help me get a B at least. (Understand I hate C's people). This man hands us the test and I'm like WHAT THE F***!!!!!!!!! The test was hard as hell (pray for me). So I finish the test and as I'm walking out the door he says "See you in May". I'm like I hope that's not sarcasm!!!

Last final today was in Spanish and it wasn't too bad. Tomorrow morning I have a final in Insurance. I really don't want to take the final but I have a B avg in the class and I'm shooting for an A. All I need to do is get a 83 on the final...that shouldn't be too hard.

Now my real estate teacher decides to give us a group project as a final where we have to analyze the cost and taxes in investing in a certain property and we have to email it to him by 5pm tomorrow evening. UGHH

Well wish me luck!!!

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