Thursday, April 9, 2009

NY For the Weekend

As previously mentioned I am back home in the NYC for the wknd. Im excited because its somewhat relaxation time. Lets not include the two group projects I'm sort of working on from home ughh.

I went on an interview today. It was actually the 2nd interview with the company and it went pretty well. I have a final interview with them in May after graduation. I think I'm going to get the job, but let's not jinx it. I'm still job hunting and interviewing just to have options.

Well my weekend is going to consist of hanging with some of my girls, party here and there, visiting people I haven't seen in a while and dinner with the fam. O and how could I forget about church on sunday; my mother would so kill me if I didn't go. I have a couple of dates lined up as well, hopefully they don't annoy me and I cancel or something.

I will try and keep yall updated on my weekend but I'm not promising anything. Hanging with some of my sisters now and who knows what I'm doing tonight.

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