Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Ex

Strangest thing happened this morning, my ex boyfriend hits me 5 in the morning!!! EERRR

Let me not be rude and tell yall about this guy "Stuy". We met about 3yrs ago during my sophomore year in college. He was cool peoples and he use to take me out all the time or we would just chill by his place. We even found a spot with a beautiful sight and it became "our spot". But everything wasn't so dandy with him. We argued way too much! It was ridiculous actually. Everyday we spoke, and everyday we argued, sometimes over serious issues and other times over dumb shit. He was an extremely jealous person and got mad at everything I did. He didn't like me partying, hanging out with male friends, etc.

Despite all of this, we was off-and-on for about 2yrs. I can't reall say it's because I was really attracted to him because he's not my type at all. After our first date, I really hadn't planned on meeting up with him again, but we did. I think as our relationship developed, I became more attracted to the attention he showed me and the sex.

Well one night I went to a house party and my friends and I ended up playing truth or dare and I allowed my homeboy to kiss/suck on my neck. There was a lot more dares but I declined because I had a boyfriend. Well I was always honest with Stuy(sometimes brutally honest just to start an argument smh) and I told him about the party and truth or dare game. Of course he was upset, but at this point in our relationship I was pretty much fed up with him because of all of our problems. In a way I wanted to break up with him but I just couldn't bring myself to do it, so I found ways to upset him (I know that was wrong of me). We might have broken up dozens of time but we always wound up right back together. I should also point out that none of my friends liked him at all because of all the things he's done to me like stand me up on dates, cheat, etc.

Anyway he wasn't really happy with the events of that night and didn't really want to talk to me so we got off the phone. Now earlier that day he had asked me to call him in the morning to wake him up so I was still planning on doing so. Well the next morning I did just that and called him. He picked up and had a big ass attitude and didn't even thank me or anything, he was just plain rude. That was the last time I spoke to him. That was last year.

Since then I deleted him off my aim and out of my phone book because I knew we would never speak again, not that way anyway. I did say happy birthday to him via facebook tho. So understand I was shocked as hell this morning when my phone vibrates and I check and see its him. Of course I didn't respond at that moment, I just rolled around and went right back to sleep. But I did respond when I woke up at 645am and I asked "Are you sure you're im'n the right person?" I mean what am I suppose to think? We haven't spoken in about a year and you hit me up saying "What's up babygirl" like we are cool and shit and nothing ever happened. Let's see what happens....


  1. I hate when an ex just pops out of the middle of nowhere.

    Usually it never ends up being good.
    its just UGH.

  2. I'm hoping this situation is different.