Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Diaper Change

I was watching an old episode of "Teen Mom" the other day and one of the mothers allowed her current boyfriend to change the diaper of her daughter. When her baby father asked her about this, she admitted that she did allow it and he got really upset and stormed off.

Now at first, I was annoyed with the baby father because I didn't see what the big deal was. If she is busy doing something, then what is the problem with her significant other helping her out and changing the diapers. I then spoke to a few friends and my mother about this and they helped me to understand the perspective of the father. It isn't okay for another man to be in the private area of your daughter. Granted he was just helping, but with all these weird sick men out there, who's to say what is going on in the mind of your man. A little thing as changing the baby diaper can lead to other things that aren't appropriate.

Do you agree with the baby father in this matter? Is it okay for another man to change the diaper of your baby girl? Women - would you allow your current boyfriend to change the diaper of your little girl?


  1. I have a daughter and if my daughter was in this situation I would not want anyone changing her diaper unless it was her mom or someone in the family, but then again family do crazy shit also!!!

    Tricky situation

  2. Wow!!!

    I understand the desire to help, particularly if you're interested in a woman with a child....but damn!!! As a man, I wouldn't have felt comfortable even asking about something like that.

    If the girl wasn't an infant, but a toddler; should the new boyfriend be able to bathe her?!? I think not.

    Life you said there are far too many sick twisted freaks out there that I'd want to put underground if it were my daughter and I even thought something underhanded might be going on.

    The more I know people, the more I like roaches.