Monday, November 29, 2010

Twitter Fronting

Now one thing that I HATE the most is when people front for twitter. They pretend to be someone they really aren't to impress people on the internet, but they forget that some of us know them off the internet.

Now the guy from "Disaster Date" is a perfect example. During our dates we had many discussions on dating and money and he let it be known he was cheap and that he wouldn't take a date or his gf to a fancy restaurant because he doesn't want to have to change himself. So of all the days his mute expired, it happened the day he decides to post on twitter that he will take his gf to certain restaurants and wouldn't mind spending money on them to make her happy. Whoaaaa but that's not what you told me. So I commented and he had the nerve to tell me not to butt in. Excuse me sir but if you didn't notice, this is twitter so I will butt in if I want. So I decided to unfollow him after that day.

So the other day my bff (which he doesn't know from a hole in the wall) decided to unfollow him and his thirsty ass questioned her about it and she replied that her bestie (me) put her on to him. This man BLEW UP!!! He goes to say "wow she made you unfollow me because I curved her"..."she's just mad cuz I didn't want to mess with her like that and she's a lame and wack and so are you". Now I replied "you definitely didn't curve me and your mad wack for fronting for twitter". He has the nerve to say I'm ugly and I need tyra number for a makeover but he forgets I have all his messages saying how pretty I am and how he doesn't want to put himself out there if I don't want to talk to him like that.

He kept going on and on but I politely told him he's wack and I don't have time to argue via twitter so he can beat it and keep fronting for twitter. Now I'll tell you this, if I see him and he decides to continue, I'm airing his whole business out. People take my kindness for weakness and I need to shut him down :)

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