Friday, November 5, 2010


So I have been working for a company as a temp for about 3 months now and although I knew it was only a temporary position, I was sort of hoping that it would turn into a permanent thing. The other day my boss tells us that he is looking to keep about 3 people but its a hard decision because all 8 of us are doing a really good job. Yesterday he interviewed each one of us and told us about the position, salary and benefits. I was a lil excited because I felt finally things in my life may start going the way I need and want them to. He said that he would make his decision by next Wednesday the latest.

Today I come into work hoping that maybe he would make his decision instead of having us wait but I didn't see an email so it was either I wasn't chosen or he didn't decide yet. Then my coworker tells me that he did choose and he chose 4 pple instead of 3 and they are all from the other room.

Now I'm not gonna hate on them but I just kind of feel like that's unfair. If everyone is doing such a good job to where your decision is so hard why are you only picking people from one room? Then to top it off, you get noise complaints about that room all the time. It just seems as if its favoritism because he does interact with the people in that room more than my room.

All in all I'm disappointed because I will be back on my unemployed status in a couple weeks and will have to search for another position. This just sucks!!!!


  1. Yes sometimes Life Sucks...I hope all is well with you at this moment in time?

  2. Tell me about it...Yes all is fine. I'm still looking for a permanent job since next wk will be my last wk with this company.