Friday, November 26, 2010


Happy Belated Thanksgiving everyone!!! I hope everyone enjoyed the time spent with friends and family and lets not forget....THE FOOD!!!

I had a GREAT GREAT Thanksgiving. Well, it really started off Wednesday after work. I went out for drinks with my sister and best friend and then ended up at a friend's birthday party. I was getting drink after drink and loving it. Of course that caused me to make a phone call to have a happy ending lol.

Yesterday I laid in bed until the food was ready and went over to my brothers house and hung out with the fam. I originally was going to go visit my aunt but then I changed my mind and went out with friends. First stop was my home girl grandmother's house where we hung out and told jokes and planned our next vacay. Then this guy came who I was talking to and he just cut me off out of nowhere after meeting me once. He proceeded to ask my homegirl who I was because my hair is different (I have bangs now) and I know he felt really lame (yessss lol). Then I went to visit my other best friend and then ended the night at my other home girl house where we played gestures. It was a great night. Only bad thing is I'm at work now and I only had 3hrs of sleep. But hey I'm young right.

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