Monday, November 29, 2010

Disaster Date

The other night I went on a "date" with a friend. Now let me be clear that me and this guy are/were just friends. I wasn't in no shape or form attracted to him (but I can't say the same about him).

We flirted here and there on twitter and he let it be known numerously that he found me attractive and wanted to know if I had feelings for him. I told him I am just a flirt and just see him as a friend. He wanted to go see Saw 3D and I said I would go and that would be our date.

The night came and he came and picked me up and we drove to the theaters. In the car we made small talk and got into a mini argument on our views about dating and relationships. (He's very very close minded). We get to the theater and he gives me $40 to get the tickets as he goes to find parking. He makes it to me just as I am about to purchase the tickets and when he sees that the tickets are $16.50 a piece, he goes crazy but still purchases them. The lady gives me back $7 and I hand it to him since it is his money and he looks at me like I'm crazy saying its only 7 bucks so I'm like fine give it back to me and he says no and puts it in his pocket. (So you're saying that's chump change but your quick to stuff it in your pocket hmmm).

After the movie I say lets go for drinks since its still early and he says ok so I let him know there's an Applebees a few blocks down and we drive there. We get to the bar and I order a drink and he gets one. Now I see he post on twitter that he finally took me out and paid (wtf!!). Then we both order appetizers and just make conversation. He proceeds to tell me that he is a cheap guy and he will spend money on things and later regret it. Then we get into multiple arguments about different things. (I guess I should tell yall that I am very strong minded and always have a point to make). By this time I'm annoyed with him. Now I'm done with my drink and I order another. The look that I get from this man was crazy but I paid him no mind. So he makes a comment about if he was to go sit somewhere else, what would I do with the check. I said I would tell them to bill it to him. He says no you won't so I make it clear that if he doesn't want to pay I will pay for myself. Stop treating me like I'm broke. Anyway, the check comes and its $48 and do you know this man had the nerve to complain. I couldn't believe it.

On our way back to my house, we get into yet another argument and I shut him down and get out of the car. I couldn't believe he was acting this way and I chose to mute him on twitter and we haven't really spoken since. But boy did he have pent up anger......

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  1. That would have been uncomfortable for me too. Sounds like he couldn't afford to really take you out on a date. Maybe what he should have done is to take you to a matinee and then to a McDonalds.......that wouldn't have been subtle, but it wouldn't have been expensive as hell either.