Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Suicidal Sister??

I was never one to think suicide would be an issue to anyone in my family but in reality it is. When I was in hs my cousin committed suicide in his own home. His parents went out and he was home babysitting his little sister. He left her in the living room watching tv and went inside the bathroom and found a way to use a head scarf to hang himself. His little sister discovered the body.

When we asked what would cause him to do such a thing, his parents said he was unhappy. They said people use to always make fun of his head size and I guess he got fed up. (I don't know if that was his whole issue because I didn't know this cousin at first time seeing him was at his own funeral sad to say). His parents kind of felt responsible because they didn't detect he would do this because as they look back, there were signs. The most obvious sign was that he was giving away his things to all his "friends" the week before committing suicide.

I was sad by this incident because technically, he is my cousin, but it didn't really affect me all too much because I didn't know him. But now I'm getting some really disturbing news

I'm on the phone with my mom today and she informs me that my little sister, whom I am very close to, wrote a 5pg suicidal letter. I'm not exactly sure what the whole letter is saying but my mom said she stated she just wasn't happy and she feels that my mom and aunts treat her badly. I don't know the rest that is stated in this letter but it really has me worried. Everytime I speak to my little sister, she seems fine and pretty happy, but I guess suicidal people usually do seem that way. I mean she's talking to me about her birthday which is coming and both of our graduation and her prom. Things she's very excited about.

I mean I guess I can speak to her about it, but it can only be over the phone since I'm so far away. I wouldn't want her to do anything to herself because that would really hit "home".

I just don't know what to do...


  1. after glimpsing the title of the last blog and reading this one i see death has been on your mind for a couple of days now.


    Your sister wrote the letter, and if she tried to conceal it, then its definitely something to be worried about and actually talk to her about. Express how much you love her and your mom should as well.

    Because suicidal people tend to NOT TELL ANYONE what they're planning, but they will write a suicide note and hide it.

    I hope she realizes that life is toooo precious to be killing herself, there are alternatives, it makes me so sad. You just inspired me and i think i know what im gonna base my non profit on

  2. I agree with Super Woman. This is extremley heavy stuff and you would be very hard on yourself if anything ever happened and you two never had a discussion about it. I know it will be hard but you need to gently bring it up and reinforce that the family loves her and let her talk to you about ANYTHING that might be bothering her in life right now. You have to be the ear that listens.

  3. it's hard to predict the outcome of things like that but you should probably get her evaluated, and i know it seems harsh but "us" we're regular people and we can hardly handle our own lives so you should probably find somebody who can give the whole family counseling because it sounds like her problems are stemming from people at home and they'll will need to change as well as become concious of her feelings

    but hey nice page

  4. I am about to tell some of my business that probably shouldn't be written on the internet, but I have thought about it before. The difference with that is I didn't tell anybody until after the fact. Like it was a couple of months later when I had even told them i thought about it. I was close one day and I had to convince myself that it's not worth it. I think it's not something that you should take lightly, but if she is telling people, it's to let you know that she wants you guys or whoever to stop. She wants some validation that people don't think negatively of her. Everybody is not the same way, but if she was going to do it, it would have been done by now. I think it's important that you amke her understand how much you love her. The funny thing is that that doesn't even always mean anything. That is something that she is going to need to get some serious help on, because it's not just gonna go away.

  5. Thank you everyone for the advice. I will be speaking to her and spending more time with her when I go home to visit.