Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Getting Back Home

I remember people always telling me that if a man really likes you or cares for you, he will always make sure you get home safely after hanging out with him.

According to these people, if you are chilling by a man's house and you are getting ready to leave, he will either drive you home (if he has a car) or he will put u in a cab and PAY FOR IT!! If a man allows you to take public transportation from his house, then he obviously doesn't care for you that much...especially if its late.

Well I encountered this problem when chilling with Harlem. One time he came and picked me up from a cookout and we went back to his place to hang out. In my mind I'm thinking ok he's picking me up from here and we are in Harlem and I live in Brooklyn so of course he's bringing me home because it is late (he picked me up after 9pm). So 12am rolls around and I'm like ok its getting late and I have to work in the morning so I should get home. Now I'm thinking he's going to drive me home because I LIVE ALL THE WAY IN BROOKLYN and he wouldn't want me to get on the train at this time coming from his house. WRONG!!! He walks me to the train station and gives me a hug and kiss and tells me to call him when I get home. I just said ok and left. Now on the train I'M PISSED. I didn't understand why he didn't drive me home or put me in a cab for that matter. I was too embarassed to tell my friends, so I told my sister and she was just like wow.

I didn't say anything about the whole situation for a while but then one day we were having an argument and I brought it back up. He wanted me to come over and I asked well how would I be getting home because I refuse to take the train home and he's like well it depends on the time you leave cuz if it's late I'm not gonna feel like driving all the way to your side of town. HHHMMM. So I'm like then its up to you when I leave since your the one driving. So we go back and forth about this and I bring up that night I took the train home. I told him that someone once told me that if a guy really likes a girl he will make sure she gets home by either bringing her home or putting her in a cab. He's like he was too tired to drive me home and he thought about putting me in a cab but that would've been like $45. Now I'm real pissed and of course the argument escalates and blah blah blah.

So I'm wondering, how do a majority of males feel about this? Do you males agree with the statement that a man who likes a woman would always find a way to get her home? If a man doesn't is that a way of letting you know he doesn't really care about you?

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