Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Death Dreams

Ok I know...2 posts in one day smh...but I had to get this off my chest and mind some way

So dreams have always been an issue for me ever since I was a little girl. I use to always dream about family members dying. I remember when I was about 7 or 8yrs old I had a dream that both of my parents were on a train and the train crashed and they both died. Needless to say I was terrified and ran to my parents room and told them about my dream. My mom said that it meant they would live long. Now idk if she said that to make me feel better or if it was the truth, but I believed her.

I stopped having these dreams for a while, and then it started happening again in hs. I had a dream about my brother dying and the funeral and all our family and friends coming to the funeral and how sad everyone was. I was beyond heart broken and people surrounded me the whole time because I was so distraught and couldn't keep myself together. Another time I had a dream about me and my brother (the same one) walking in the street and an altercation occurred between my brother and this guy and the guy shot my brother right in front of me. I held him and screamed for help as his blood engulfed my clothes and hands, but I didn't care. My brother died in my arms in that dream. TALK ABOUT SCARY!!! It just felt so real.

A few weeks ago I took a nap in between classes and had a dream a friend, my sister and I went out with my faher. My sister and our friend said they would meet us somewhere and my dad and I went to go and get the car. We ran into some teenagers and they pulled out a gun on us. They wanted our money and jewelry and we gave them all that we had hoping they would just take it and leave us alone. I don't know if they weren't satisfied or if they just go trigger happy but the one with the gun pulled the trigger and I jumped in front of my dad and took the bullet. I died in that dream....for my dad.

Today I took a nap and I was asleep for less than 20min and had another one of those "death dreams". I went into work and something just didn't feel right to me. All the fitting rooms were blocked except for one and there was a bodyguard in there. Next thing you know, someone shot the guard and everyone started running frantically. I knew better than to run around cause that's how you get yourself killed so I stayed low trying to find my way out of there. I was about to go down the escalator and I seen one of the shooters aiming at me so I came back around and next thing I knew, I was surrounded and bullets were coming my way. The shock woke me up. I guess I didn't want to see my death...again.

All these death dreams have me really scared because I'm wondering what does it all mean. I'm hoping what my mom said when I was little is true but I'm not exactly sure. My housemate says I should stop taking naps and I'm really considering that because lately that's the only time I have these types of dreams. She also said that me taking the bullet for my father is probably something I would do in real life and that's why I had the dream (and yes I would do it). Is there something wrong with me? Should I consider getting some help or counseling or something? So confused....

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