Monday, March 23, 2009

Wrong Decision??

So everyday I think about future with this major I chose. I'm a finance major because I ABSOLUTELY LOVE MATH!!!!! Most would call me a geek...but I'm use to it lol. Anyway I tend to find great difficulty in my finance courses and I tend to wonder if this major just isn't for me or if I'm just not giving it my all. I try and study, which isn't something I'm good at because I get bored very quickly and the material is very very boring. The only thing I really like about this major is doing the calculations.

So this is my senior year and I have to land a job before leaving this school. Well I don't HAVE to but it would be more beneficial to me if I did. I don't want to graduate and then be stuck working retail for the rest of my life.

I must have been on over a dozen interviews this year but I haven't gotten an offer yet. I'm even willing to do internships because I know the economy is bad and I don't have any experience in the finance field. My very 1st interview this year went real well and I was offered a second interview, but like an idiot I turned it down because I felt I wasn't ready. The man told me I had to come to his office and take a test, then if I passed the test I would be flown to Florida for a 3-day interview, which consisted of a luncheon with all the executives of the company as well as all the other candidates for the position. The 2nd day all the candidates would be interviewed, and the 3rd day we would have to take a test. Then the executives would meet to discuss each candidate and express whether they feel the individual was right for the job.

This long process was like a complete turnoff to me. I was just like why the hell do we have to go thru this long *ss process. I think I was more scared tho because I was just beginning to take finance courses and I didn't feel I was qualified and I would be wasting my time. Then the location of the position just completed my decision. I was told I wouldn't know where I would be working unil I was offered the job. I could be relocated to any of the 50 states. Like wat???? Can you honestly see me living in Utah, Kentucky, Missouri??? I think not!!!!

With all that being said, I turned down the opportunity and I regretted it ever since. What if that would've been my time to shine? What if it could've been the beginning to a great future and a wonderful experience? Now I'm back to square one just interviewing and hoping to get call backs..ughh

Do you think I made a bad decision? Should I have just seized the moment and went thru with this process?


  1. Definitely a bad decision. Any opportunity that knocks you need to break down the door and slam dunk on the chance. Well you learned a crucial point from the choice you made. You have to make mistakes to get better so better that it happened now than later.

  2. aw chea bell!!! lol.
    But honestly, i think you made the decision that was best for you at that point. you should never put yourself in a position where you feel you won't be comfortable. with that said, i think it just had to do with intuition and there's something major waiting for you and you'll get that dream job when the time is right.

  3. That's why i wont be turning down any opportunities because of the location. If I have to start a new life in a different state away from fam n friends, it's something I'm willing to do.