Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Massaging Your Way to the Draws

Sorry readers but I definitely got sidetracked last post. I was initially going to write about how guys use "massages" as a way to have sex. So I will just do that post now lol.

Now as mentioned in my last blog, Mr. WipeMeDown definitely wooed me in with the intentions of getting a massage that never happened. But I realize that this wasn't the first time it happened. A couple years ago I was talking to a friend and he asked me to come over after the club and I went. We are just laying on the bed watching tv when he ask if I'd like a massage so I, of course, say ok. So I lay on my stomach and he starts giving me a massage. During this massage, he starts kissing on my neck (which is one of my weaknesses) and from then on I was all his.

Another time I was hanging out with a homeboy who offered to give me a massage and as he was doing so he lifted up my dress and started massaging my butt. Now nothing happened in this particular instance because I really wasn't trying to go that route with said guy but I know if I allowed him to continue, we would've definitely had sex.

I can name a few other times where guys always offer a massage with the intention of getting me turned on but it all leads to my conclusion that guys really think this is the way to get in the draws. Now most cases, it really does work but I wonder if they ever think of any other ways to try and initiate sex.

Has anyone else come to this conclusion from past experiences or am I on my own with this "hypothesis"??

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