Monday, October 25, 2010

The Fantasy

"She shows up at his house in nothing but a pair of 5in stilettos and a long black trench coat. He opens the door and she slowly opens her coat and shows him what's waiting for him. He stands there with his mouth open wide and she walks inside, kicks the door close and lets her coat drop to the floor. He grabs her and pushes her against the wall and starts kissing her passionately. He then starts kissing and sucking her neck and licks her ear. She almost melts in his arm because that's her spot right there, but he uses his weight to hold her up. He slowly makes his way south, making sure to kiss every part of her body. He starts sucking on her left nipple and flicks his tongue on it and gently bites sending her hormones into overdrive. The juices start flowing down her leg as her knees start to buckle. He then shows some attention to the right nipple and then squeezes them together while licking and biting. He continues down licking her stomach and her navel. He kisses her inner thigh and brings up her right leg and places it over his shoulder and parts her the lips that cover the prize that he's trying to get. He starts licking n sucking her clit and he felt it hard knowing he had her where he wanted. He inserts 2 fingers and then a 3rd as he continues to suck on the clit. A second later her body starts shaking as she cums all over his lips and he happily sucked it all down. She regains her composure and decides she needs to take back control. She pulls him to his feet and pushes him to the couch and gets down on her knees in front of him. She releases his dick and licks her lips in anticipation. She puts her warm mouth on his penis and starts sucking. He starts to moan and she starts playing with his balls while sucking his dick. She licks the tip and then spits on it and continues sucking. She then puts the whole dick in her mouth and allows her walls to surround the penis. She feels that he wants to cum but he's not ready for that so he eases his member out of her mouth. He stands her up and starts kissing her aggressively while playing with her pussy. She ends the kiss and turns around and bends down and shakes her ass for him. She turns her head and winks at him. He moves closer to her n slaps her ass. He then takes his dick and rubs it on her already wet pussy and then puts it in. He loves the feel of her pussy around his dick, it seems as if it was made just for him and he lets out a moan. He starts off slow and then starts pounding into her. She starts screaming words of ecstasy and tells him to go harder "fuck me daddy" is all she keeps telling him. In no time she reaches another orgasm. He pulls out of her and she makes him sit down on a chair and climbs on top. She starts riding him and he's sucking on her breast. "Yea daddy right there, OMG this shit feels so good". He lets off a load right there and her pussy sucks it all up. He's not quite done with her yet though. He leads her into the bedroom and ties her hands to the headboard and blindfolds her. He then goes into the kitchen and gets the whip cream from the refrigerator and comes back into the room. She wonders what he's about to do next but she doesn't have to wait long to find out. He puts the whip cream all over her body, her nipples, navel and on her pussy. He then goes on to licking everything off. He enjoys pleasing his women and after getting her to reach another orgasm he unties her and fucks her in every position. Once that is over they get into the shower and wash each other and head to the room to get some much needed rest. "

I wake up and I'm turned on by this dream. I quickly send that text and head over to see my "WipeMeDown".

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