Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Four lokkos

I'm sure everyone has heard of this new drink that seems to be getting really popular amongst young teenagers. For those of you who aren't, this is an alcoholic beverage that has about 12% of alcohol, which equals to about 6 beers, coffee, and even cocaine.

I actually had the chance to taste this drink and I wasn't a fan of it, but I have a few friends who actually really like this drink. I think the fact that I heard the cocaine part, it completely took away all interests in this drink.

Last night I was watching the news, and apparently this drink is much more dangerous than most people like to think. According to the news, several college students were rushed to the hospital after drinking this drink. Some people pass out, while others throw up continuously. I know as a young adult mostly everyone likes to drink and just let loose, but if you don't take the time out to actually understand what it is you are putting in your system, you will regret it. I personally think this drink should be taken off the market because there is just too much going on with it and I've heard nothing but negative consequences and feedback.


  1. Four lokkos is the bomb... lol I was out with just one can...

  2. Yea everyone seems to love them but I believe its illegal now lol