Tuesday, October 19, 2010


I've come to notice that people use massages as way in, a way to get you alone and possibly engage in sexual activities.

When I first met Mr. WipeMeDown I wasn't interested in anything, not even a friendship really. To me he was just a friend of a friend. Then one day he hits me up on twitter asking about a certain movie which led to us exchanging numbers and talking about other things. Then we started talking about massages and I asked him for one. He went on to say if he gives me a massage I would have to be naked and I reply that would be fine, as long as there was a sheet over my bottom half. He said that would be fine but he would take a peak. We flirted back and forth but to me it was all just talk because I didn't think I would ever go there with him.

One night Mr. WipeMeDown texts me saying he would like his massage and I replied he has to give me one first and he said that would be fine. So I got in a cab and went over to his place. We sit up talking and watching tv until 4am and then retreat to the bedroom for "bed". He gives me a tshirt to sleep in and I crawl into the bed. While laying there watching television, I turn on my side to see what he would do. Of course like any other male he puts his arm around me and then slips it under my shirt. "O lord, He's already starting something" is all I'm thinking but I don't pull away. He then proceeds to turn me onto my back and then lifts up my shirt. He sucks on my breasts and starts to make his way down placing gentle kisses down my body. Now all I'm thinking is I know he is not going to do what I think. But boy was I wrong. He slips off my boy shorts and starts licking and sucking. From there he has me in his world and I give him what he wants, sex!! Now to say that it was great is an understatement. I was beyond shocked though because from his appearance I expected him to be small and the sex to not be all that but thank God I was wrong.

Next morning, I remind him that he never gave me my massage so he still owes me that and next time I want it. This began the sexapades with Mr. WipeMeDown.


  1. ha! i thoughtt his post was going to be about how guys try to use massages to get ass. Maybe that was only the dudes i date in high school :shrug:

    high five on the good sex tho!

  2. initially that was my intention...lol. I got sidetracked tho