Thursday, October 14, 2010

New Beginnings

So since the last time I've been here, I've been fired and let go of Stuy.

As you all know I hated my job but it allowed me to have money in my pockets so I was somewhat grateful. Well new managers came into the store and couldn't stand the fact that I didn't hold my tongue on certain subjects, especially when it pertained to them not doing their job correctly. So they found a really stupid to let me go (which wasn't justified and I am forced to take action). The good thing about that is a temp agency was able to find me a position in an office and I have to say I love it wayyy better than my last job.

Stuy is gone people!!! I just couldn't stick around for the bullsh** anymore. Things just weren't the same with us and an incident occurred that really sent red flags my way. One day while doing the do he just suddenly got soft on me. My reaction..."WTF!!!!". Now automatically I thought it was my fault and he said it wouldn't happen again but I never put myself in that position to even let it happen again. I just let it go and told myself it was time to move on with my life.

So now I am looking for a permanent position as well as looking into finding a way to go back to school to get my MBA. I also started meeting other people which I will discuss in upcoming blogs. Stay Tuned!!

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