Friday, October 22, 2010

I'm Not a Fan Of This Position

So Mr. WipeMeDown and I have a really good sex life (when we do see each other that is). He is pretty good in bed and I don't really have any complaint........except for one thing!!

I really do not care for the sideway posiiton where both the male and female are on their side and the guy is humping away. I really think this is just lazy sex. I much rather the missionary position or just straight up doggy style.

At first we use to do all sorts of positions but lately its always the same. I told him I don't care for it anymore. Like the sex is good, but there's not much anymore. There's barely any foreplay and we always wind up in that sideway position. Now usually it doesn't bother me if I know we will get to do more afterwards but thats not the case. I just don't feel completely satisfied when that's all I get.

Is there a position that you just don't care for during sex???


  1. Shay Shay!! You're back! And with a BANG, I might add... ;-)

    I wish I could be more sympathetic to your plight but AT LEAST you're gettin' some, honey! lol

    If you don't like sideways, take charge and switch things up on him. Hop on top, pull him into another room and find a chair or a counter (kitchen sex is great!) ..hell, push his a** up against a wall and back that thang up. lol

    What I'm saying is, it takes two to Tango so get creative and spice things up! Have fun!

  2. lmao yes im back lol...yea i know. I understand what you're saying completely and girl trust me when i say I would like to do those things but his living arrangement is crazy!!!! I will go into details on another blog.