Sunday, January 3, 2010

Happy New Year!!!!

First and foremost let me say happy new year to all my followers and readers. I hope everyone had a nice time bringing in 2010.

My night turned out pretty well. Went to work that day and then brought in the new year with one of my bffs Ash n my close friend britt n her fam. Made sure we aint well and then headed to another friend's house for some drinks. We then went to this place downtown brooklyn called Dumbo Loft.

Now I'm thinking this is going to look like some lounge, not taking into consideration that in the name it clearly says "loft" lol. We get inside and I'm disappointed. First of all the place was just one big gigantic room with nothing but empty space. Then to top it off, we got there around 2am and the place was pretty much empty so I automatically figured the night was gonna be a drag. But slowly people started coming and then it got pretty crowded. Then to make the night even better, a friend came and purchased about 9 bottles of champagne so we were feeling nice and the dj was doing his thing on the spinners.

Then for a brief moment, I got upset. I received a call from Stuy but because of the music I told him to just text me. He says to me he wants me to come over and I reply when and the idiot says ASAP. So I remind him that I am at a party and that cannot happen. He then tells me that I am fronting on my man and that I'm stupid and he's gonna go do him. I knew he was drunk because of the way he was texting but I didn't really care. I was about to respond with a harsh message but ash took my phone and just told him to enjoy his night and I'm going to enjoy my party.

I quickly forgot about the incident and went back to enjoying my time at the party. At the end of the night we were taking pictures and then decided it was time to go. There was a girl in the corner that was super drunk and hunched over in deep slumber and ash decided to mock her. Well you know they say God dont like ugly, so he decided to punish her. She slipped on the slippery fall and did like a triple axle on the floor and landed on the floor on her face. We all just turned our head like omg!!!! Then krys yelled out help her and just when I was about to, I seen these guys run over and help her up. It might've been the funniest thing in the world and if she wasn't so drunk, I know her ass would've been soooooo embarrassed. But then we realized that she cut her hand deeply and was bleeding.

Other than that lil funny mishap, we enjoyed ourselves and brought in the new year right. I love my girls and my fam and hope that this year will bring nothing but happiness in my life. 2009 was a good year for me due to my graduation from college but it ended badly with the death of my father. I look forward to the new memories I will be making this year and I hope everything works out in my favor.

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