Thursday, January 14, 2010


Today I will be celebrating my 23rd birthday and I just want to thank God for allowing me to see another year. Even though this age is not that big of a deal, I will never forget it for 2 reasons. One important reason is that this is the 1st year in my whole life that I will have to celebrate my birthday without my father in my life, whether its in person or him just calling to wish me a happy birthday. The second reason is the tragedy that is going on in Haiti.

As many people know I am Haitian and I do have family there and many of them cannot be found at the moment. I'm praying that they are alright but the sadness comes from the fact that I received news 10min before my birthday that my little cousin died in the earthquake. I was very shocked because she is very young and didn't get the chance to live her life yet. But we all know God does things the way he feels is best so I will try not to question Him.

I will still go on celebrating my birthday today and this weekend because I do cherish my life and I'm grateful I'm still alive and healthy to do so. So once again HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!!


  1. :-( Im So Sorry To Hear About The Loss Of Your Little Cousin...My Condolances. With This Situation I Don't Think It Matters If Ur Haitian, Black, White...I Think This News Breaks Everybodies Heart, It's Just So Sad And Unfair. I Was Having Lunch With My Bestie Who Is Haitian And We Both Could Do Nothing But Think About The Whole Situation And How Our Families/People Are Suffering Just Smh.

    On A More Positive Note Tho Happy Belated Birthday Missy! I Hope U Celebrated It Up Big And I Wish U Many More To Come. Stay Strong Mama.

  2. I am in the same boat as you... i have family in Jacmel that are ok. But a slew of siblings in Port - au- prince unaccounted for. Stay up and keep i continue to pray you will be in my prayers. Happy belated birthday.. i hope despite whats going on it was all you wanted it to be :0)