Monday, January 4, 2010

Blessing or Curse Waiting to Come Out??

So I was recently introduced to an older man about 2 months ago @ this little bar/club place in brooklyn. We exchanged numbers and text each other every day. He's really cool but the fact that he's about 10yrs older than me prevents me from putting any feelings into this "friendship".

Now I know when you guys read the title you must think I'm referring to sexual terms but I'm talking about financial wise. This guy barely knew me and was already offering me things.

One day it was pouring rain and I went to work that day and we were talking and I was telling him I have to invest in some rain boots because my feet gets wet in some of my regular footwear. He says ook and asks if I seen any that I like and I tell him I like the burberry ones and he later says that he wants to buy them for me. I agree after a few conversations but I never got them so I just figured he was all talk. He then lets me know that he wants to get me something for christmas and so I devise a list and tell him to choose whatever he wants to give me. On that list I put a macbook, an ipod, a bag, a pair boots, and something else. He asks me out of everything what are 2 things that I want the most and I reply the macbook and ipod but its expensive. He asks me how much and I tell him 999 and he says ok thats not a prob. Now I'm thinking this man is all talk because he didn't get me the rainboots which were wayyyyy cheaper then the macbook.

Then one night he says he's gonna come give me the money and I go outside and he hands me 1300 in cash. We talk a bit and at the end of the night he tells me to go and get the laptop tomorrow. I left him still in shock that this man really gave me the money for it and so very grateful.

A week later I let him know that I will be getting my hair done and I will be putting in "personality pieces" and the good kind so that it can last for my bday and he gives me money to get it done. Now my birthday is coming up in a wk and he's offering to buy everything that I need including all 3 outfits and shoes.

Now all this is great and I'm so very thankful and I'm trying not to take advantage because I look at this as God helping me out because I did depend on my father my whole life and now that he's gone I'm having problems with so many things (I'll leave that for a later blog). Here's the problem: I think he likes.....or should I say a lil too much. Yes bloggers, this man told me he loves me and he barely knows me and the most he's ever gotten from me is a hug. This kind of scares me but he lets me know that although he wouldn't mind if this was a sexual relationship as well, he's fine with us being just friends. He feels I am a genuine person and it hurt him when I told him about my father and he hates to hear that I'm sad or stressed. Now all I'm wondering is whether this is a gift or a curse that will later show itself.

By the way...he has a gf that lives with him and their 10yr old daughter. But remember there is nothing sexual btwn us.


  1. Sounds like you've found yourself a Sugar Daddy....

  2. Wow....I Know If I Were U I Would Be On A Cloud To Have This Man Helping Me Out...I Mean What Girl Wouldn't He Probably Does Feel You As A Person And If He Has The Money To Spare I Understand Why He'd Do It From The Kindness In His Heart.

    Buttttttt I Would Have Some Reservations About Receiving Gifts From Him Because I'd Be Uneasy About The Fact That He Might Eventually Expect Something To Happen Between Us.

    I Say Just Stay Alert And Make Sure He Knows Things Will Not Go Further Than Friendship....Make That Part Crystal Clear So Down The Line He Won't Be Totally Oblivious.

  3. O yes girl i kno. i make it clear everytime i speak to him lol