Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Small World

The besty was on her friendly duty today and "found me someone". She hits me up and sends me a pic of dude and his name. I'm like okay he looks aiight (even though I would prefer a different angle), so I text him. We start talking, but we can't really do too much getting to know each other cause I'm at work.

So I get home and I call him. Now we on the phone and he's like you look like someone I know and I'm like who and he respond his homegirl. So I'm just like oo okay and he's like you sound like her too. When he first seen my picture, he called the girl to find out if she had a sister or anything because we looked soo similar. HHMMM Well what's your friend's name...his response Jessica. I'm like that's real funny because my sister's name is Jessica too. "light bulb" now goes off in my head.

Now he already told me where he lives and where he works, so I'm like where did you work before you had this job and he says Children's Place. I ask if it was the one at the mall and he goes yea, so my next question is did he ever work at Models....his response yes!!!!! OMFG I KNOW THIS MAN!!! So I say that is my sister!!!!!!!!!! O lord this is the same man that use to talk to my sister.

So now he's like so now what's gonna happen and I'm like with what...us? He says yea and I'm like I mean we can be friends and he's like I was hoping we could've been more than that and I say "You use to talk to my sister" and of course Jess shot out of her sleep and was like who is that? I say the name and she's like wow and he definitely called me today asking your name. So she takes the phone and they start speaking about it.

Long story short, I definitely cannot talk to this man for two main reasons: one...he use to talk to my sister (major no no in my book) and two..from what I remember he's COCKEYED!!!! lmao. I think that's why he sent me the side profile picture. O well the search continues for my future boo (well I'm not searching...he just better hurry up and find me lol).


  1. your friend did you wrong LOL @ him still trying to holla tho
    PS nice layout.

  2. wow how awkward....yea that best friends/sisters code of not dating the same man wud definitely come into play...lol

  3. dont u hate that when u discover what a small world it is

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