Saturday, June 20, 2009

Indian Giver

I pose this question...If you ever bought your significant other a gift, would you ask for the gift back??

Now I asked this question to Stuy and his response was yes. He says that whatever he gets a girl during the relationship, he wants it back after they break up. So I'm like wow that's crazy. Why would you expect the item(s) back if they were a GIFT, that just doesn't make sense. He says because technically I wanted her to have them because we were together and I want nothing but the best for my girl but if we aren't together anymore then she doesn't need to have it.

So I say well she doesn't have to give it back because it was a gift and it's not like you lent it to her. Once you gave it to her, it became her property. I also say its not like you cold force her to give it to you nor can you just take it from her.

We go back and forth about this topic and we still don't agree with this situation. He did go on to say that if its something little like a top or something he wouldn't ask for it back but if it's jewelry he would definitely want it back.

So I ask you guys this, would you ask for your gift back? And if so, would it be everything you ever gave this person or just the expensive things like jewelry?


  1. Never..! Absolutely not..
    Been thinking about doing a post on this..
    Kinda like you read my mind..

  2. Nope, but I have had a chick just packup everything I ever bought her even the sex toy, lol, and drop it off at my house. I mean what am I supposed to do with that stuff regift it lol NO!