Sunday, June 7, 2009

Fresh Start is Needed

Ok I know all I've been talking about is my relationship problems (if you would even call them relationships) but I just can't help it. I need to vent.

We all know the cancellation of last night's plans (read previous blog), so when I made plans with Stuy for today, I was expecting everything to go as planned. NOT!! First off I had to get my hair done all alone this morning because mom dukes decided to stay at work and not inform me lol. This took a major toll on my schedule of events for the day. The plan was for me to go to the hair salon at like 9/10am so that I could be finished by 12pm and then Stuy could come over so we could chill. SMH I didn't end up leaving my house until 1230pm and then had to go by daddy house and then the salon. I ended up finishing my hair at like 245pm and I gave him the directions to my house. He calls me about an hour later saying he doesn't knw if he's coming and he'll call me back and let me know. UUGHH

When I didn't hear from him I figured he wasn't coming so I got comfy in bed. He then tells me to come meet him because he's almost here. On my way, I see my mother and sister and I'm like damn this heffa is home early. I tell him and he gets mad. I'm like you can still come over because my sis doesn't care. But does he....NOOO. He leaves with an attitude and that led to arguing for the next few days.

By day 4 we had a long discussion and I decided maybe he should just stay in my past. He acted as if the decision didn't affect him but kept speaking to me about it. But my mind was made up. WE WERE OVER!!

Next day I don't hit him up at all...what's the point?? We're over. He calls me late that night but I was sleeping and the morning after I text him and we started discussing us again. So we are trying it out..yet again. I don't know what my problem is....


  1. girl its hard letting go of exes because u know them, its comfortable you two have history its like u can always lean back on them..

  2. Yea but I need to get out of this comfort zone because in the end my mate is out there (lmao)

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