Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Who Woulda Thought

There's this guy that I've had a crush on for the longest time now, but I just never thought anything would happen. It goes back to wen I was in JHS and I believe he was in HS. Let me tell you how we met:

My mom was going on a trip around the world and wanted to get a pair of sneakers so we went to the mall and went to ladies footlocker. There was this really cute guy working there and my mom decided to make him help her that day. When I tell you this lady put him through hell, I mean it. It was to the point where my sis and I had to walk away because she kept bothering him and changing her mind on the sneaker she wanted. She finally decided on some presto (I know yall remember when people were rocking those...all except me(yuck lol)). Ever since that day everytime this guy see's me or my sister, he would always say hi.

So now I get older and I realize that this guy lives around me and knows the same people I know and I still see him from time to time but nothing serious.

Fourth of July my friends and I go to the all white affair at the hamptons....and who do I see (Mr. Footlocker). I said hi and he gave me a big hug and was like wow you look gorgeous and I'm like thanks (inside I was glowing lol). So he's like you don't hit no one up and I'm like I use to but you never respond so I stopped and he's like well make sure you hit me up and I'll make it my duty to respond. HHHMMM genius idea pops into my head lol and I say how bout you just take down my number and he's like ok. But then he realizes one of his friends has his phone so he gives me his number (and a name so I finally stop calling him by his myspaec name lol).

Party continues and I bump into him again and he's like hugging me and stuff and like its always nice to see you. After the party I text him so he can have my number and we talk briefly.

Now we speak everyday and we realized we had so much in common. I don't know what's really going to happen with him but I'm hoping it does go somewhere. The only bad thing is he's not as tall as I like my men but he's real cute and smart so I won't the height stop me from pursuing it. I'll keep you guys posted on Mr. Footlocker.

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