Thursday, January 13, 2011

I'm Getting Old

Tomorrow I will be celebrating my 24th birthday!!! I'm very excited. A lot of people may not take their birthday's very serious, but I do. I get very excited when my birthday is approaching and I make plans to celebrate with friends and family, shop for a whole new outfit (outfits) and think about what I may want as gifts lol.

Last year around this time there was nothing but sadness in my household for 2 reasons. One reason was because that was the first year I was celebrating my birthday without my father being around. The second reason was the earthquake that took place in Haiti. It was bad enough that I was still mourning my father's death, but when I heard about the earthquake I got really sad again. I found out about 5min before the clock turned 12am to Jan 14, that my 5yr old cousin died in Haiti from the earthquake. This news was very devastating to me because this little girl was living with me for a few years and was recently sent back to Haiti to live with her mother because there wasn't anyone around to watch her. Her father, my uncle, was distraught because he felt if he had only kept her here in NY with him, she would still be alive today. So this week I mourn my cousins death as well as celebrate my life.

It seems like something sad always occurs around my birthday. Tomorrow night, my friends and I will be partying to celebrate, but on Saturday morning we will be going to a funeral to mourn the death of my friend's grandmother. I will be happy for seeing another full year in this world, but I will remember those around me that have made their way home to heaven.

So HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY TO ME!! Jan 14 I will officially be 24yrs old.

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