Friday, January 7, 2011

Doctors Have No Choice

I just finished watching last night's season premiere of Grey's Anatomy and it really got me thinking. For those who haven't seen it: There was a shooter at a college and 24 students got shot not including the shooter and the police officer who was able to take down the shooter. Not known to anyone until a while into the surgery, they were operating on the shooter and 2 of the doctors decided that they did not want to save this man's life. They walked out of the OR and went to go help other victims. At the end of the day all 26 victims were saved, thank God.

Sad to say, this happens a lot. The person who is the cause of a shooting or a car accident or whatever tragedy occurred is brought into the hospital because they have gotten injured as well. The only difference is that doctors don't have a choice but to try and save the person's life. As a doctor, you take an oath to do all that you can do to save someone (so I've been told). So no matter how much you may blame the person or hate that person, you have to try and keep them alive. Some may agree with this because time behind bars is a better punishment than death. To many people, death is like the easy way out and they want you to suffer and live with your actions for the rest of your life. But how do you try and save the life of someone who may have injured or killed someone close to you? I think doctors are faced with hard decisions everyday of their lives and I must commend them on being able to put their personal feelings to the side and do the right thing.

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