Tuesday, July 21, 2009

He Did WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!

Life has been so crazy for my family lately. Now we know my dad has been sick...he's getting better but he's back at the hospital after being released for like one day.

But the major drama is with the sorry ass man that is the father of my sister's baby. He was suppose to come pick up Nas Sunday so my sis rushed home to get his stuff ready for the bastard. So the guy gets here and he's all up on my sis like you talk all that shit over the phone but you aint saying nothing now. So she's like aint no one worried about you and he came up behind her so she pushed him away like don't touch me and he punched her. Yes blog world...HE PUNCHED HER!!!! So she hit him bck and they started fighting from there. He picked her up and slammed her on the floor and she kneed him in the balls. While they were fighting the baby is on the bed crying and I guess they hit the bed and the baby fell off and was crying hysterically. But did that stop him from beating on my sis.....NOOOOO OF COURSE NOT. He starts to choke her now and she knees him again and then he slams her against the door. By this time my mother is outside and heard the loud bang on the door and she came inside and found this MOTHERF**KER on top of my sis on the bed choking her. I gues its true when they say mothers have a strenght inside of them because my mother grabbed him and slammed him against the wall and held him there. My sis caught her breath and started punching him in the face and my mother is just screaming stop it. Then she says why are you doing this and he starts screaming how much he hates my sis and wants her dead so my mom is like if you hate her so much why are you here. Just leave!!! By this time the neighbor called the cops and the father left.

So of course I'm at work throughout all this fiasco and all my family members are here and everyone is calling me to tell me the dra. My brother comes with a hammer and my other brother comes with a belt lmfao. (I'm like what the hell was he going to do......spank the guy lol)

Then my sis calls his house and said to the father your fucking son hit me....he's dead!! So the jerks father is like omg and calls his wife to the phone and she said the same thing to her and the lady is like how she's coming over. When she gets here my oldest sister is like your fucking son put his hands on my sister....he messed with the wrong family. Then her and the mother gets into an argument. Whatever happens and then the lady tries to come in and my aun was like no you have to go and kicked her out. (That part was funny as hell to me.....GO AUNTY!!!)

All in all my sis has to do a order of protection and get a restraining order an do all these things for her safety. My whole thing is I just don't understand why he hates he so much. Is it because she moved on and has a new man in her life?? I know stuff like this happens all the time but I will never understand how you can go from loving someone so much to having pure hatred for them.

I keep thinking what would I have done if it was me who walked in instead of my mother. What would I have done to him? But I honestly think I would have found a weapon or knife or something and done bodily harm. NOONE MESSES WITH MY SiS!!!

As of right now the dumb mother fucker is in jail thank god.....but my brothers are ready to kill him. AAWW man the drama in the life of my family just doesn't end.

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