Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Talk About Being Ungrateful

As we know my father is in the hospital and we have all been going to visit him...including my mom. Now daddy had no problem with this. He was actually happy to have my mother around again and he said that to us. This all changed this week.

My sis goes to the hospital to see him and my brother, aunt and cousin are there. So after about 10minutes my dad says to my sis he has something to tell her. She said she didn't want to hear it, she wasn't in the right mind frame for anything. So my aunt is like well maybe I should leave the room and my dad is like no you can stay.

So then he proceeds to say, "Tell your mom not to come visit me at the hospital anymore. I don't want to see her again, that's why I moved out". Wait just a darn minute, are you serious right now. So my sis asks why and he's like because she's the reason his blood pressure is rising. So she's like wait your not serious right now. Mom has been coming to visit you everyday and been taking care of you since you were admitted to the hospital and you were the one that said thank god she was there for you. Now out of nowhere she's making your blood pressure rise, all lies.

They argue for a bit and then my sis says something to my aunt and then storms out of the room. SOme might say that my sis was wrong because he's sick but I would've done the same thing....probably worse. I just don't understand it. It's like he was trying to be nice and humble to everyone because he was in bad shape, pretty much in his death bed. Now that he's getting better, he wants to kick everyone who was there for him to he curb for his sister. I'm so over that side of my family!!!

I forgot to mention that my cousin came to see my dad the other day and we was all there but it was my mom and her 2 sisters in the room with my dad. This dumb rude ass b**ch walks into the room and doesn't say hi to anyone but my dad. Acted like the other grown ups weren't in the room. When my mother told me this I was heated....that shit was mad freaking rude. I don't care how many times your mother said not to say anything to my mom. Like I was soo mad because I would never do that to my mother because in the end we are allstill family. Well now its like FUCK FAMILY!!! Well my dad's side anyway.

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