Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Sorry for the delay in tweets but I was on vacation. Your girl went to Dominican Republic for a week with the girls and had a blast. Other than the fact that I am crispy as hell from being in the sun every single day for a week, I feel great. lol

We went to Punta Cana and stayed at this resort and my o my was it great. There were like 3 or 4 pool sites and a beach in the back. Along with every pool site was a bar in the pool which was amazing lol. Did I mention that drinks were free!!!!!!!!! lol Anyway I did some activities on this trip that I probably would've never done. First, I went horseback riding (and I hate animals lol). I was screaming the whole time the guy was helping me onto the horse and when it started moving I was freaking out lol. I started getting the hang of it but the thing I hated was when it would go too close to another horse and my leg would brush up on its behind or face. I mean it was shiting out of that behind and it was drooling out of its mouth yuck!!!! But I was a soldier and put up with it for a whole hour.

Next we went on a speed boat and on a yacht for a day trip. That wasn't too bad because I been on a speed boat before. We took the yacht to this other island which was ok minus all the damn little rocks in the ocean. After, we got back on the speed boat and went to the middle of some ocean and swam with a couple of starfishes (I'm a punk so I didn't touch them lol). Then we took the speed boat back to where the bus was waiting and went back home. The funniest part about this whole day trip was when my homegirl got drunk and couldn't function. She was taking crazy shots on the yacht and it caught up with her and she was finished.

Next day we went riding on dirt bikes and OMG I had a blast. My homegirl kept screaming at me to slow down but I didn't want to. I bumped into the bike ahead of me and just started laughing and then kept it moving. We rode the bikes to this cave and people were like diving in to swim inside. The water was 20ft deep and my ass doesn't know how to swim so I stayed on the rocks taking pictures lol. Then we rode the bikes to this other beach and went for a swim. While in the water i started raining and at first we was all running out of the water but then we thought bout it and was like that's pointless and went right back in. After we rode the bikes back so that we could go back to the hotel. I forgot to mention that my homegirls ran their bike into a tree which was hilarious. She was like eat my dust and they dre off.....right into the tree hahahah lol. When the man helped them out they started driving again and later drove off the road into the bushes lol. Talk about bad luck.

We ended our vacation getting full body massages and relaxing on the beach and pool. I had a great week...I wish we could've stayed longer though. But I'm back and black as ever lol

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