Sunday, March 14, 2010

Way Too Observant

I've come to realize that I am entirely way too observant towards other people. Last night I was hanging out with Mr. P and I found myself depicting things to him about himself. Although I tried not to seem like I was judging too much or anything I was voicing what I usually look for in a guy. Like for instance, his jeans are a little baggier than I would like but I have seen him in fitted jeans and they look nice on him and he needs wear jeans like that more often. I also asked him if he dresses up sometimes and he replied no; the only time he wore a suit was to go to a funeral a couple years ago. So I asked if he wears shoes or cardigans and such and he said not really, but he does see himself changing phases and whatnot.

So today I'm talking to my best friend and I'm letting her know about the convo and my observations and everything and other lil stuff that might make me seem petty and she said to me that I am way too observant and I shouldn't let these things mess up something that can be good for me.

In all honestly I don't think I'm letting these things ruin us because I am still around him, I just can't help to let my mind wander. Is it bad that I just like to see guys dressed certain way? But I am going to try and stop "observing" and just enjoy my time with Mr. P and wait to see if we will work out.

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  1. Great post!

    I don't think you're being too observant - it's what you do with the observation that counts.

    I noticed that with my guy, whenever i give a direct statement, or ask a direct question, like you mention, nothing changes.

    but when i compliment something like "remember that night at the XXYY restaurant when you wore XXXX, you looked soooo good - would love to see you rock that again sometime..." i notice a shift, and because he thinks it's his idea to make the change, it's usually a permanent one.

    it's not a bad thing to consider someone's look, presentation, or self-maintenance. if you want it to change slightly though, compliments help!!!