Monday, February 8, 2010

New Guy

Well he's not really new, I did meet him while I was still with Stuy but I didn't really give him the time of day until now. Let's call him E-man. He's really nice and we started spending more time together and communicating via text. The other night he took me to this mexican restaurant in Soho and I had a pretty good time. At first I was a little uncomfortable because I decided to wear heels so I was a lil taller than him but after, it didn't even matter (for some reason after dinner I didn't seem that much taller lol). We got to talk and get to know eachother some more and I think the real reason I had such a nice time was because I never actually went on a "real date" with someone. I've gone out with guys, but its always to the movies, but I guess that's kind of my fault because that's what I always suggest because I'm a movie fanatic. I don't want to get my hopes up too much about E-man but it's nice to have someone paying me attention since my break up with Stuy (whom I still speak to from time to time). Let's see how this goes!!

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